Former Miss Hong Kong, Sire Ma, Announces Marriage

Former Miss Hong Kong, Sire Ma, Announces Marriage

Sire Ma (馬賽), who joined TVB in 2008 after winning 2nd runner up in the Miss Hong Kong competition, has suddenly announced her marriage on the 5th through social media. Many celebrities also gave their well wishes, but netizens were curious about the groom’s identity. Sire Ma has expressed her wish to keep his identity private as he is not in the industry. You might not remember her so much as she had a short lived career in Hong Kong due to a number of scandals.

Sire Ma Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

She was once rumored to be dating Ron Ng (吳卓羲), but the two denied it. Later on she was painted to be the third party in Adrian Chau’s (周志文) relationship with his model girlfriend, CoCo (袁紫僑), at the time.

In 2013, she was exposed to be in a lesbian relationship. She was alleged to be the third party in Chinese film producer and manager, Wang Ziqi’s (汪子琦) relationship with now ex-wife and, Laura Lee. There were pictures of Sire Ma and Wang Ziqi in Shanghai kissing and hugging. Laura Lee shamed the two on Weibo several times. She once called Sire Ma “a fox hiding within a rabbit” and a gold digger. Sire Ma later admitted to the relationship with Wang Ziqi, but also revealed they had already broken up. As a result of the scandal, TVB “froze” her career.

Wang Ziqi, Laura Lee, Sire Ma
L to R: Wang Ziqi, Laura Lee, Sire Ma

Before the tide could die down, intimate pictures and videos of her dancing provocatively were released to the public in 2014. TVB once again froze her career. Later on, she admitted she was the person in the released photos. After her contract with TVB ended in 2015, with no other recourse, she had to shift her career to mainland China.

When replying to Apple Daily, Sire Ma says, “Thank you to everyone for their well wishes. My husband is not in the industry. I want to keep it private. I hope everyone gives us some space.” When asked if she changed industries from showbiz to insurance, she says, “Previously, I filmed a series about finance. I got interested in insurance so I went to get a license. I hope to help my friends when I have time. I didn’t change careers. This is only part time.”

Credit:, Apple Daily, Sire Ma IG