Kitty Zhang and Ex-Husband, Yuan Bayuan, are Publicly Feuding Over Child Custody Dispute

Kitty Zhang and Ex-Husband, Yuan Bayuan, are Publicly Feuding Over Child Custody Dispute

It looks like Chinese actress, Kitty Zhang Yuqi (張雨綺), and her ex-husband, Yuan Bayuan (袁巴元), are officially done despite reconciling late last year. Back in November of last year, the two were rumored to be reconciling after being seen holding hands together. This time messages between the former couple were shared from Yuan Bayuan’s “Friend’s Circle” from Weibo on December 6. The messages start off with Kitty Zhang trying to convince Yuan Bayuan to stay together and needing him for the sake of the family. Yuan Bayuan isn’t convinced and even alleges Kitty Zhang of sleeping with another man after knowing him for two days. He continues to say she had done this in the past even when they were still married!

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One of Kitty Zhang’s message says, “In this lifetime, it has always been just you.” Yuan Bayuan has some harsh words in his reply, “You always say this, but then you go and find other men like you always do. In fact, none of your past relationships last long. I didn’t hold you down, you smelly woman, but you still go off and hurt others again.” In another set of texts, Yuan Bayuan says, “You’ll have another boyfriend soon. I don’t want to have any relations with you anymore.”

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In a conversation from December 28, Kitty Zhang then asks, “You don’t want to have relations with me or you don’t want to have relations with our children? You need to clarify.” Yuan Bayuan then says, “You will be with another man, what will I do?” Kitty Zhang replies, “I won’t. Xin Xin and Nian Nian will only be with their parents. There won’t be someone else.”

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Kitty Zhang’s Response

Kitty Zhang wrote a lengthy post in retaliation to Yuan Bayuan’s messages.

“Number one, conversations between lovers are private. Because of emotions that got hurt, these conversations were released. This act has made me disgusted. Sorry for disgusting everyone, but I don’t want to use the same tactics for revenge.

Number two, I am a free woman. Whoever I want to date is my choice, but, “sleeping with another man after knowing him for two days” is total bullshit.

Number three, Mr. Yuan today has let out word that he won’t let me live peacefully. He will destroy me so that I can’t work from here on out. He said unless I let him have full custody of the kids, he will continue exposing my secrets. I didn’t agree, so in the end everyone sees what has happened. There is nothing worse compared to this. I will no longer respond to this in the future.

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I am an independent woman and a soft-hearted mother. I am not someone who can always stay clear minded and reasonable. I have a big temper, but I would also be touched by words and be soft-hearted for my kids. I am sorry my children will see their parents once had this history when they grow up. I didn’t protect them well. I am very regretful for this. If all my colleagues give up on me because of this, I don’t have anything to say. I met the wrong person, but I also have a lot of shortcomings. However, I don’t have any body odor!” (Referring to Yuan Bayuan calling her a smelly woman)

I once loved him. Hating him was also real. Please pay back the tens of millions you owe me, Mr. Yuan, then we won’t ever have to see each other again in this lifetime.”

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Yuan Bayuan’s Response

It was Yuan Bayuan’s turn to air out the dirty laundry.

“1. Ms. Zhang Yuqi, in these past few years, you’ve been a strong willed woman. You never do anything wrong. In our daily lives, you are always in the right. Today, I will respond to the dirty water you splashed at me as a man who was betrayed and a father of two. I don’t have a management company or a public relations firm to help me. Right now, I am just a man, a father.

2. It’s true. We got a divorce at the end of last year, but you used what I treasure the most, our kids, to coerce me into getting back together. You also made a high profile post about it, but then during our reunion, you slept with another man. Is that something natural?

3. I’ve been discussing with you. Since you already have a new boyfriend, let me have custody of the kids. This would be the best for the children and you, but you refused to respond. Are we supposed to let you bring the children everywhere and witness you change boyfriends constantly? Is that better than letting them stay by their father?

4. In our divorce settlement, I voluntarily agreed to pay you 50 million RMB child support within three months. This is what I agreed to pay as alimony, but please don’t get it twisted. This is not to be paid out immediately. If you believe I owe you more than this, please show the evidence. Don’t believe in what others say, okay?

5. Why don’t you explain about the vacations you went with other men during our marriage? Is it because the pictures are too clear and you can’t make anything up?

All of this has made me heartbroken. I wouldn’t have commented on this had I not failed to fulfill my duties to this family and our children. It has been hard for me to deal. I hope Ms. Zhang won’t continue making mistakes. At least let our children have a chance at a healthy upbringing, okay?”

It doesn’t look like they will be reconciling for the second time this time around.

Credit: Zhang Yuqi Weibo, Yuan Bayuan Weibo, Sina Ent Weibo