Kitty Zhang Reacts to Netizen Saying She Looks Like Dilraba

Kitty Zhang Reacts to Netizen Saying She Looks Like Dilraba

Chinese actress, Kitty Zhang Yuqi (张雨绮), is known for her strong and direct personality. She is known for being very blunt and says what’s on her mind. She is gaining a lot of popularity recently for her appearance on variety show, “Sisters Who Make Waves”. Kitty Zhang was recently featured on a livestream to promote products. A netizen actually said she looked like Dilraba (迪丽热巴), which caught her attention.

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During the livestream, Kitty Zhang noticed a netizen typed a message saying she looked like Dilraba. She read it out loud saying, “Some of these netizens are really…saying Zhang Yuqi looks a little bit like Dilraba.” Even though they don’t really look alike, it’s a compliment since Dilraba is a certified beauty. However, this elicited a very strong reaction from Kitty Zhang. In usual Kitty Zhang fashion, she gave a very sharp response to this comment.

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She said: “What kind of humor is this? Dilraba is my junior, okay? No matter what, she looks like me. What do you mean I look like her?” Many netizens were wowed by her strong response and said, “Wow, Qiqi really dares say that.” However, majority of netizens felt she was just joking and meant no harm towards Dilraba.

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