Thai Actor, Bright, Apologizes to China Over His Girlfriend’s Twitter Scandal

Thai Actor, Bright, Apologizes to China Over His Girlfriend's Twitter Scandal

Thai Actor, Vachirawit Chivaaree, better known as Bright, became a global icon after starring in the Thai BL drama, “2gether: The Series”. The series and the two male leads gained a huge following in China where BL content is taboo and banned. However, Bright got into some trouble back in April when he was spotted liking and retweeting a photographer’s picture, which had described Hong Kong as a separate country. The photographer deleted the post and apologized for his mistake. Bright responded to that post and apologized for his mishap and said he wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Chinese netizens seemed to accept his apology.

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However, about a week or so later, Bright’s girlfriend, Weeraya, was accused of insulting Chinese people and China when it was discovered she had retweeted a tweet alleging China had created COVID-19 in a Wuhan lab. This prompted netizens to dig up an old Instagram exchange between the two when Weeraya had visited Taiwan and Bright complimented her saying, “So pretty, looks just like a Chinese girl.” Someone else also asked her “What style is this?” Weeraya responded, “Taiwanese girl.” This prompted a Twitter war between Chinese and Thai netizens as many Chinese netizens felt offended and disrespected by Weeraya’s actions. Chinese netizens on Weibo also started campaigns to boycott Bright and subbing teams vowed to stop subbing “2gether: The Series”, which was really popular in China at the time.

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Bright remained silent on the issue until June 20. He uploaded a video on Weibo and apologized to China and explained why it took him so long to address the issue. Bright was accompanied by a translator, Wave, who had started out the video apologizing for his own mistake first. Wave said he was sorry for “mistakenly referring to Taiwan as a country in a travel show” he hosted talking about Thailand and Taiwan. Wave explained that he was only introducing tourist destinations and wasn’t trying to impose any political agendas.

Wave then relayed to Bright about fans asking him why he has been silent on the issue for so long. Bright explained that he has been very busy and was under a lot of pressure from work. He just held his first online fan meeting, which he considered to be a big event. After it was done, he felt psychologically relieved and felt ready to share his thoughts about the events.

When asked why he stayed silent on the accusations of insulting China and the Chinese people, Bright apologized and explained that he thinks it was a misunderstanding. He respects China and each person. He has never thought about insulting any race. Bright also apologized and reiterated once again what he said in his Twitter post about the picture incident.

Bright also expressed that he has Chinese heritage and definitely wouldn’t look down on Chinese people or ethnic Chinese. Lastly, Bright expressed his apologies in Chinese: “Hello everyone, I am Bright. I am sorry to China. I am sorry to you all.” Unfortunately, many Chinese netizens didn’t accept his apology. They left a lot of comments telling him to “get lost!” There were a minority of fans who left supporting comments.

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17 thoughts on “Thai Actor, Bright, Apologizes to China Over His Girlfriend’s Twitter Scandal

  1. No one should apologize for anything, at all. We are all entitled to our opinion. China must know that, if they want to unite Hong Kong and Taiwan, they must win their hearts, and the hearts of the rest of the world. Not through psychological pressure. Whatever we call ourselves, Chinese, Hongkie, Taiwanese, we are all from the same world. This world. One heart beat.

  2. Poor boy! Why should he apologise for his Girlfriend’s deed, I mean does that even make sense….Eastern media is so toxic at times , especially fandoms….I bet it was some other stans taking it further than they should….cyberbullying and toxic fandom is ridiculous on that side!

    1. he apologized only because … not to lose his fans, I understand the finances, because China is big business !!!!!!! that’s why he apologized and kicked off his old girlfriend. For Bright, his work, career and money are more important …. nothing more …. just don’t think that his career and success will end one day. And it can be very, very soon and he will be back where he was when he was shooting insignificant series before 2gether! F4 won’t save him! And Win, it’s the same as Bright …….

    1. that’s not so sure either. maybe they only broke up because of a contract between Bright and GMMtv. Maybe they get together secretly. I don’t really believe it, but I wouldn’t be very surprised if it were so …… Bright and Win are very private. We don’t really know anything about them ……

  3. She just GF and not your wife. Why you need to act on behalf. Not your fault indeed. Please move on and cheer 🙂.

  4. I consider Taiwan and Hong Kong as different country than China, while the two smaller nation stands on its own feet the greedy Mainland ties their feet. That’s the shame there. They should liberate from the control! China is like an AI without a ❤️. Bright ang his GF should not apologize because it’s their life they can like what they want.

    1. Unfortunately your consideration is not fact. It is manufactured consent. Indeed all basic law of respected regions dictate they are Chinese land.

    2. Okay…? It’s been a long years since the incident. It’s already 2022. Is he single right now?? I mean, I’m rooting for wintawin already. 😂😍🥰

      New fan here. 😘😍💋💖💞💕❤️♥️

  5. His GF should have taken the time to say sorry, not Bright. A lot of people around the world still don’t know Taiwan and HK are considered China’s regions so I’m not going to blame someone who isn’t from China they mistakenly said something. The most Chinese people can do is educated us and remind us, spreading hate and boycotting doesn’t solve anything. As for his GF liking comments about Covid origins in China, again, Bright does not represent his GF, she should have come out to say something.

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