Bright and Win Partner Up Again in Thai Version of “Boys Over Flowers”

Bright and Win Partner Up Again in Thai Version of "Boys Over Flowers"

Since Taiwan first released “Meteor Garden” in 2001, it created a global phenomenon and has spawned various remakes from different countries. Even though everyone is widely familiar with the story, no one complains about the remakes — as long as it’s done right. Last October, Thai TV station, GMMTV announced they would also be remaking “Boys Over Flowers” in 2020.

Thailand is Remaking “Boys Over Flowers”

Fans were ecstatic about the announcement and came up with their dream casting. However, there was not much traction until recently, presumably due to COVID. After much anticipation, GMMTV finally announced the cast of the Thai F4 and “Shancai”, on September 16.

Bright as “Thyme” (Dao Mingsi)

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Win as “Kavin” (Xi Men)

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Dew as “Ren” (Hua Zelei)

Nani as “MJ” (Mei Zuo)

Tontawan as “Gorya” (Shancai)

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This remake immediately reunites Bright and Win, who are just off the popularity of their series, “2gether: The Series” and the special edition follow up series, “Still 2gether”. Bright teased fans on September 15 when he posted a picture with Win and said, “We’re back.”

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Fans were happy to see Bright and Win working together again, saying, “I want to see Bright and Win fight for a girl.”, “I might just want to see Dao Mingsi and Ximen fall in love.” Some “BrightWin” CP fans weren’t as excited as they are still basking in the couple’s characters from the series. Chinese netizens weren’t happy about Bright’s casting either due to his girlfriend, Weeraya’s scandal from April. Bright remained silent on the issue until he apologized in June, but netizens felt his apology was insincere and came too late.

Credit: GMMTV, Weibo

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  1. have seen all J,K,C dramas now Thai . I believe In GMM too . The main creator of BW. With positive thinking , the artists are honored & happy so why shouldn’t we Be happy about it too… …..

  2. OMG OMG OMG!! I been waiting for this casting!!! I don’t agree with casting Bright and Win in another show but I was praying for Bright to play Dao Ming Si!

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