Alien Huang’s Girlfriend, Qun, Reveals Something He Said to Her That Sounded Like He Foreshadowed His Death

Alien Huang's Girlfriend, Qun, Reveals Something He Said to Her That Sounded Like He Foreshadowed His Death

Everyone is still trying to digest the death of Taiwanese entertainer, Alien Huang (黃鴻升), who suddenly passed away at home at the age of 36 on September 16. Many of Alien Huang’s celebrity friends posted tributes and mourned his untimely passing. Rainie Yang, who use to date Alien Huang and were good friends, had posted several times about Alien Huang’s death, which left many people extremely saddened.

Taiwanese Artist, Alien Huang, Passes Away at 36

Rainie Yang Pens Post Mourning Death of First Love, Alien Huang

Alien Huang’s rumored girlfriend of one and a half years, Qun (吳函峮), also posted her thoughts about his passing. She started saying, “Everyday, I am thinking how is it possible I am this lucky. Everyday, I am thinking how did I meet someone I get along with so well. Everyday, I am thanking the heavens for letting me meet you.” Qun also mentioned Alien Huang hoped to keep their relationship low key in order to protect her. His sudden death was obviously a shock to her. She wrote, “It seems I can’t do anything. It hurts too much. I have no way of caring about what the media and the haters will write and hate on. I don’t want to pretend anymore.”

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Qun mentioned in their 1 and a half years of dating, Alien Huang would always respond to her texts immediately no matter where he was or what he was doing. She wrote, “Whether you’re showering or before you sleep, you’d always respond back immediately. However, yesterday night, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t contact you. It’s always been you who came looking for me. Aside from our cellphones, I don’t know how to find you. It’s why this happened. I…really am powerless.”

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Lastly, Qun mentioned two weeks ago, Alien Huang suddenly said to her, “Lets not get married, okay?”. Alien Huang explained, “This way if anything happens to me, you don’t need to take any responsibility. You can be like a piece of white paper and marry someone else.” Qun ended her note saying, “However, Huang Hongsheng, I only want you. Life…is really too hard, too hard.”

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