Kenneth Ma Requested for Intimate Scenes with Samantha Ko in “Go! Go! Operation C9”, Not Worried about Roxanne Tong Getting Mad

Kenneth Ma Requested for Intimate Scenes with Samantha Ko in "Go! Go! Operation C9", Not Worried about Roxanne Tong Getting Mad

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Samantha Ko (高海寧) attended a promotional event for their upcoming series, “Go! Go! Go! Operation C9” (C9特工), which is airing on September 21. The series revolves around Samantha Ko’s character, “Yu Siu Kiu”, who is a special agent with the code name C9. After her organization gets annihilated, “Yu Siu Kiu” meets “Bravo” (played by Kenneth Ma), a vegetable vendor. The two get married and “Yu Siu Kiu” becomes a housewife and step-mom to “Bravo’s” son. However, 5 years later, “Yu Siu Kiu’s” former partner, “B3” (played by Lokyi Lai), escaped death and returns to ask “Yu Siu Kiu” to help him uncover the culprit who annihilated their organization. She agrees to help him while still maintaining her cover as a housewife. However, her secret identity as a special agent is exposed.

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This is Samantha Ko’s fourth series to air and was considered to be a warehouse series after it kept getting pushed back. The series was filmed in 2018 and is taking over the spot of “Chinatown”, which is said to have a bigger budget. Kenneth Ma said while “C9” has a smaller budget, the script is good and relaxing. It has a lot of touching and funny moments amidst the sad scenes.

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Kenneth Ma also joked about the intimate scenes with Samantha Ko. He said, “I applied for it. Being able to work with a goddess, but Ko Ling has a pretty big breakthrough this time. She has to portray a fat housewife. We are a couple. There will be scenes where we’re talking in bed. I couldn’t apply for other scenes. The promo already showed all the intimate scenes. My heart was beating really fast when we were filming it.”

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When asked if he would block Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) from watching the intimate scenes, Kenneth Ma said he wouldn’t and didn’t mind if they watched it together. On whether he was afraid Roxanne Tong would pinch his ears, Kenneth Ma was very confident and said no. Samantha Ko jokingly said they can all watch the intimate scenes together and said Roxanne Tong is open-minded.

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When reporters mentioned Kenneth Ma is often coming in and out of Roxanne Tong’s home like he is a man of the house, he explained, “Actually, I’m often going up to her home for meals. In fact, she also goes to my home to eat too. It’s definitely not like what the reports are saying that I am the man of the house because her whole family is there.”

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