Roxanne Tong Addresses Marriage Rumors Between Her and Kenneth Ma

Since Kenneth Ma (馬國明 ) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) went public with their relationship in June, the couple has been very open about their relationship. Kenneth Ma even opened an Instagram account after all these years and actively comments on Roxanne Tong’s posts. On September 7, Kenneth Ma left a comment saying, “See you at 9pm”, on this Roxanne Tong post. Good friend, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), responded to Kenneth Ma saying, “Wow! Where do you find these husbands? Sorry, sorry. It should be boyfriend.”

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Roxanne Tong Sees Kenneth Ma as a Marriage Partner

Because of Edwin Siu’s post, it immediately led netizens thinking the pair turned from lovers to a married couple. Kenneth Ma didn’t respond to Edwin Siu’s post. However, Roxanne Tong replied back to Kenneth Ma’s comment saying, “Supportive” and also responded to Edwin Siu, saying, “Friend, are you really bored?”.

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Perhaps the rumors got a bit out of hand as it made headlines all over the Chinese speaking regions. Roxanne Tong responded to the marriage rumors through IG story on September 8. She wrote, “No flash wedding, no marriage, no, no, no. Important things must be said three times.”

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