Kenneth Ma Hopes to Get Married Before 50, Rates Roxanne Tong Out of 100 Points

Kenneth Ma Hopes to Get Married Before 50, Rates Roxanne Tong Out of 100 Points

Ever since Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) announced they were dating in June, the media and the public have been cheering the couple to get married. The couple has never announced they actually started dating, but does say it wasn’t for that long. Marriage rumors were elevated when Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong were spotted looking at real estate listings recently. However, Kenneth Ma said they were just casually looking and it was from a while ago.

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Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong revealed they often go to each other’s homes for meals and have seen each other’s parents. On what attracts him to Roxanne Tong, Kenneth Ma says she is a homebody and doesn’t like to go out. He also said they have the same tastes in food, like eating seafood, garlic, and onion. Kenneth Ma revealed Roxanne Tong recently cooked beef with onions for him and said it was very suitable for his appetite.

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After getting Best Actor earlier this year, he said his next goal was to get married and have a family. He hopes to get married by the time he’s 50; he is 46 now. Kenneth Ma admits he has discussed marriage with Roxanne Tong before, but it wasn’t a deep conversation. He said, “I wouldn’t have a flash marriage. I would definitely tell everyone.” As for whether he sees Roxanne Tong as a marriage partner, he said, “At the moment, yes. We are dating in hopes of going towards that direction. She gets along with my parents very well. My parents’ impression of her is pretty good. I give her 90 points. She treats me the same, give each other room to improve.”

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When asked about last year’s “OnSum Cheating” scandal with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), Kenneth Ma reiterates the incident has never made him lose confidence in love. He says he likes to only have one partner and doesn’t like complicated things. He said, “It’s already in the past. I was mad at the time, but it was for a very short time. I don’t have any ill feelings either. When she first returned to Hong Kong, we still had contact, but not recently. I do hope she is well.”

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