Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma Address Pregnancy Rumors and Jacqueline Wong’s Blessings

Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma Address Pregnancy Rumors and Jacqueline Wong's Blessings

Ever since Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) were spotted together, they’ve been very public and open about their relationship, a stark contrast from their prior relationships. Roxanne Tong was dating Joey Law (羅天宇) for years until they decided to make it public. They would often be rumored together, but they never admitted to dating. A few months after they went public with their relationship, they broke up.

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Joey Law and Roxanne Tong filming for a travel show last year

Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong Announce They’re Dating

Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma have been interviewed by multiple media outlets on their relationship. Both have given very consistent responses about how long they’ve dated, their similar personalities, meeting each other’s parents, and the decision to go public. When Roxanne Tong showed up for the work the day after they went public, she was asked about her parent’s view of Kenneth Ma. She revealed, “He treats my family very well. So he’s worth 100 points, but if I must deduct points, then I’ll give 98 points so there are 2 points worth of improvement.”

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When mentioning her parents were very happy with Kenneth Ma and hope their relationship “blooms and bears good results”, Roxanne Tong mentioned that every time she dates, it’s for the long run and doesn’t like to casually date around. Roxanne Tong also said she and Kenneth Ma have casually talked about their future, but haven’t seriously discussed it. She said, “We are heading towards that direction (marriage) and have also said if we found the right person, we wouldn’t hide it from everyone. I also want [to be together] forever, but I don’t know if that’s how he thinks.”

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Pregnancy speculations started swirling as the media claimed Roxanne Tong looked “fuller”. When Kenneth Ma was asked about it, he responded, “No such thing!” Roxanne Tong also responded, “Of course not.”

Roxanne Tong Addresses Marriage Rumors Between Her and Kenneth Ma

As for Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) blessings, Roxanne Tong expressed, “Thanks for her blessings, but since she left for the US last year, we haven’t been in contact. Because of this, I’m not sure about her current situation.” People have said Roxanne Tong took over Jacqueline Wong’s jobs and romance. Roxanne Tong responded, “When we got together, we didn’t plan it. We only started talking to each other recently.”

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Roxanne Tong Sees Kenneth Ma as a Marriage Partner

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