Kenneth Ma Reveals What Attracted Him to Roxanne Tong + Celebrities React To Their Dating News

Kenneth Ma Reveals What Attracted Him to Roxanne Tong + Celebrities React To Their Dating News

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has kept a very low profile when it comes to his personal life. So even when he was spotted hanging out with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) on multiple occasions, the two never directly came out to confirm their relationship. Kenneth Ma also mentioned this about his relationship with Jacqueline Wong when the “OnSum Cheating” scandal made headlines last year. So it was quite a 360 degree turn when Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯)decided to publicly admit their relationship in such a manner.

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A day after their dating news made headlines, Kenneth Ma was interviewed by Oriental Daily News. Kenneth Ma revealed they had met each other’s parents already and that his mother liked her. Roxanne Tong’s parents were also interviewed about Kenneth Ma and they had nothing, but good things to say about him. When asked about marriage plans, Kenneth Ma said he hasn’t thought about it yet. He mentioned the both of them had a consensus if people caught them dating, they would admit it. He thought it would be weird if they just announce it themselves and didn’t want to seem like they were trying to get on the news.

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On what attracts him to Roxanne Tong, Kenneth Ma said, “Her personality is very simple, smiles very easily. She chases after very simple things, very similar to me. We started talking to each other recently and felt there were feelings so we decided to try developing further.” Kenneth Ma revealed they never tried to hide they were dating. They were often eating together at the TVB studios. He said they were always filming in different studios, but would ditch their film crews and eat together, just that no one ever asked them about it.

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Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) was asked about Kenneth Ma’s relationship. She revealed that she had already guessed there was something going on between them and said she was “happy for him.” Joey Law (羅天宇), Roxanne Tong’s ex-boyfriend, responded to Oriental Daily News about her dating news: “Happy for her. Will bless them.” Samm Ko Ling (高海寧) said, “I saw their post…so flashy and sweet. I am really happy for them.” Wong Kalok (黃嘉樂), who is good friends with Kenneth Ma said, “2 Gor is really a very low-key, quiet, and a good man. If we didn’t watch the news, we really wouldn’t know.” Wong Kalok says he isn’t close with Roxanne Tong, but has a good impression of her and says she is really pretty.” Kenneth Ma thanked Jacqueline Wong for her blessing and said, “Hope she finds her other half soon and be happy.”

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Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), who has been filming with Roxanne Tong, was asked if he saw Kenneth Ma visiting them on set. He responded, “I am focused on my work so I didn’t notice other things. However, when we were at the film studio, he was visiting me everyday. I once mistakenly thought he liked me, but it’s finally cleared up. I am relieved!”.

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Since announcing their relationship, many friends have given their blessings to the couple. Roxanne Tong acknowledged it and expressed her gratitude in an IG story. She said: “Unicorn and horse received everyone’s warm blessings. We will continue on with a grateful and cherished heart.” She also posted a picture of fanart of her and Kenneth Ma.

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