Talu Wang Asks Cai Xukun to Help Send His Dance Video to Lisa

Talu Wang Asks Cai Xukun to Help Send His Dance Video to Lisa

Since BLACKPINK’s Lisa was announced as the dance mentor for iQiyi’s ” Youth With You 2020″, many Chinese fans anticipated her joining the show and promoting in China. Lisa also gained a lot of new Chinese fans, including celebrities, since the show finished. One of her most vocal fanboys is Taiwanese actor, Talu Wang (王大陸). He previously mentioned he was a fan of Lisa’s and wanted to find a girlfriend like her on the variety show “Not A Loner” (看我的生活).

Talu Wang Wants to Find a Girlfriend like BLACKPINK’s Lisa

On the most recent episode, the cast comes up with ideas to help Talu Wang fulfill his dream of showing his admiration to Lisa. In the end, they decide on a dance video. Justin Huang Minghao (黄明昊) also joins Talu Wang to learn the dance moves to Lisa’s performance of Charlie Puth’s “Attention”, in 5 hours.

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It proves to be a difficult task for Talu Wang as this was his first dance class and he isn’t much of a dancer. It’s much easier for Justin Huang since he has trained for years. Justin Huang offers to help record a video of him dancing to send it to Lisa. Talu Wang asks him, “Are you going to ask Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) for help?”. Justin Huang agrees and says he’s for real. Talu Wang responds, “Didn’t I just dance to it before?” Justin Huang tells him he needs to dance himself this time.”

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After they finish the video, Justin Huang says he would help Talu Wang contact Lisa. He brings up Cai Xukun’s contact info, his former NINE PERCENT bandmate. Talu Wang sends him a voice message, saying: “Gege (older brother), this is Talu. Your show, “Youth With You”, is especially wonderful. I really like that show of yours. I also especially admire Lisa. I told Justin we need to dance together and send it to Lisa. Can you help me send it to her? I love her a lot.”

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Cai Xukun responds back five minutes later. He says, “Hello, Talu. There is an awkward problem. I don’t have her contact information.” Justin Huang responds, “You’re done for. He doesn’t have her contact information.” Talu Wang tells Cai Xukun, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Thank you. Thank you for your kindness.” Justin Huang keeps up the positive spirit and tells Talu Wang to upload the video on Weibo. Talu Wang says, “I’m going to cry.” Justin Huang says to Cai Xukun, “Thank you, take care of your health, eat more.”

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Watch Talu Wang and Justin Huang ask Cai Xukun for help

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Talu Wang Asks Cai Xukun to Help Send His Dance Video to Lisa

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Talu Wang expresses some hesitation to upload the video. Justin Huang and the dance instructor says he must and they come up with captions for his Weibo post. Justin Huang suggests, “I really like you.” and “Marry me.”, while the dance instructor says, “I like you forever.” Talu Wang tells them they’re crazy. The dance instructor then says Jackson Wang was also here last time and suggests he ask him to help send it to her. Justin Huang says they definitely know each other and keeps pushing Talu Wang to post it in case he backs out of it.

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Talu Wang did post the dance video on his Weibo. He included the caption: “First time learning how to dance, practiced extremely hard. “Attention” dance, Lisa-laoshi please give guidance.”

Watch Talu Wang dance to “Attention”

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Justin Huang reposted the video and said, “I witnessed with my own eyes the effort Talu-ge (older brother) invested into learning this dance. Lets all help him succeed in chasing after his idol.” Talu Wang left a comment on his own video and tagged Justin Huang, saying, “Practicing dance moves was really hard on didi (younger brother). No matter what happens, ge tried his best.”

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Host, Li Weijia (李维嘉), also left a comment saying, “Remember the agreement we had on the show. We are all here to help you succeed. Everyone, lets help Talu Wang repost it!”.

None of them tagged Lisa on Weibo. Will she get to see it?

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