BLACKPINK’s Lisa Explains Why She Chose Cai Xukun’s “Lover” for Her Mentor’s Performance on “Youth With You 3”

BLACKPINK's Lisa Explains Why She Chose Cai Xukun's "Lover" for Her Mentor's Performance on "Youth With You 3"

BLACKPINK member, Lisa, returned to “Youth With You 3” (青春有你3) to serve as the dance mentor for a second consecutive season. Like previous seasons, the mentors open the show with a welcome performance. Last year, Lisa danced to Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha’s “In The Name Of Love” and Charlie Puth’s “Attention”. This season, Lisa chose to dance Cai Xukun’s “Lover” and Justin Bieber’s “Intentions” ft. Quavo. Lisa’s performance of “Lover” received a lot of attention and trended high on Weibo.

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Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) introduced his song “Lover” for the mentors’ collaboration performance on last year’s “Youth With You 2”. The song became a huge hit and was performed by artists on many other shows.

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In a recent interview with Sina Entertainment, Lisa was asked why she chose to perform “Lover” for her mentor’s performance. Lisa explained, “I also thought about it for a long time on what to do in order to have the best and most perfect performance. Because this season is a male group, as a woman and then to be a mentor for this season, what song should I choose? I also wanted to express that even though I am a woman, I can also change into different styles or manage boy group songs. That’s why I chose last season’s Cai Xukun PD’s song for the mentors’ show. That way there will also be some connection with the previous season. When I previously watched Cai Xukun PD’s collaboration stage, I already liked this song a lot. So this is the reason why I chose Cai Xukun PD’s song.”

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Lisa was also asked how she felt working with a new group of mentors. She revealed she didn’t dare to say too much in the beginning or joke around with the other mentors. However, Lisa shared, “After three collaborations and filming sessions, I felt very comfortable talking and nothing to be too mindful about. It felt like friends communicating.” Voice mentor, Li Ronghao, in particular, tries to engage Lisa and even started conversing with her in English.

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Lisa also revealed the trainees that left the deepest impression on her were Jun Liu and Liang Sen.

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