BLACKPINK’s Lisa Talks about the Evolution of Tony Yu from “Produce X 101” to “Youth With You 3”

BLACKPINK's Lisa Talks about the Evolution of Tony Yu from Produce X 101 to Youth With You 3

One of the familiar faces on “Youth With You 3” (青春有你 3), is Tony Yu Jingtian (余景天), a trainee that previously competed on the ill-fated “Produce X 101”. During his first ranking performance, Tony Yu earned high praise from the mentors, especially from Lisa, who gave a “Ooh ~ Tony”. Lisa revealed during her review of Tony Yu that she had seen him on “Produce X 101” before and noted that he is still hardworking and praised him for improving a lot.

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In a recent interview with Sohu Entertainment, Lisa was asked if her impression of Tony Yu had changed after witnessing him compete on “Produce X 101” and now seeing him on “Youth With You 3”. Lisa expressed, “He definitely experienced some things before and then got the experience from the competition. He probably understands even better on what to do or how to train even better. I think right now he is still incredibly passionate like he always was and also very serious. He also became even better and even cuter. It seems like he grew up.”

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On whether Tony Yu’s skills have improved, Lisa said, “Of course his skills have become even better. I actually don’t even remember how it was last time. However, watching him perform this time, I see that his dancing got better. Looking at it as a whole, it looks good overall. He became even better and then got into A class.”

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Lisa also revealed Liang Sen (梁森) and Jun Liu (刘隽) were two of the trainees that left a deep impression on her. She explained Liang Sen is very close to her standards. She said, “I believe the first impression everyone had when they saw him was that they can remember him. His personality is very distinct. His individual skills are also extremely good and he is very humorous.”

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