Zhang Yujian Admits to Having a Daughter with Janice Wu Qian

Zhang Yujian Admits to Having a Daughter with Janice Wu Qian

Zhang Yujian (张雨剑) and Janice Wu Qian (吴倩) have been a fan favorite couple ever since starring in the 2019 series, “Le Coup de Foudre” (我只喜欢你). Their dating rumors already started in 2018 when they were filming the series. In 2019, the two of them were rumored to be dating on several occasions when Zhang Yujian and Janice Wu were spotted holding hands and picking up the latter’s parents at the airport. However, neither party addressed the dating rumors.

“Le Coup de Foudre” Co-stars, Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian, Rumored to be Dating

Zhang Yujian and Janice Wu Qian Spotted on Family Outing with Baby Daughter

Around the same time in November 2019, rumors started circulating Zhang Yujian and Janice Wu were already married and that Janice Wu was pregnant. In March 2020, there were rumors Janice Wu had already given birth. Neither party had ever addressed these rumors. In August 2020, the two were once again spotted getting their hair done together.

On March 14, the paparazzi revealed a video of Janice Wu out and about with a baby girl. A netizen reported seeing Janice Wu with her daughter and even revealed her daughter’s name. Shortly after, rumors were rampant that Zhang Yujian is the father of Janice Wu’s daughter. Netizens started leaving comments on Zhang Yujian’s Weibo telling him to admit to it and started blasting him for portraying a persona of being single and not protecting Janice Wu and their daughter. Zhang Yujian once said on a show in July 2019 that he wanted to look for a girlfriend.

Zhang Yujian and Janice Wu from “Le Coup de Foudre”

On March 15, Zhang Yujian addressed the rumors, saying, “Normal dating and marriage, have a cute child, and the legal procedures are complete. I don’t care if you scold me because I don’t know you. I am not obligated to tell you anything about my personal affairs. I just want to give the child a normal environment to grow up. You really shouldn’t have filmed my daughter and even exposed my daughter’s name. It was the parent’s negligence for not protecting her well this time. Her mother is still blaming herself and feels very bad til now. Don’t do this again.”

There were a mix of comments on Zhang Yujian’s admission post:

“It seems to make sense, but also doesn’t seem to make sense.”
“Why must celebrities announce they are dating, getting married, having kids?”
“What kind of a man are you?”
“But you are selling the single persona??? To earn money for baby formula?”
“Can always discover new kids anytime, anywhere.”
“You’re now worried about the child’s mother blaming herself. Where were you earlier?”

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11 thoughts on “Zhang Yujian Admits to Having a Daughter with Janice Wu Qian

  1. I agree with him! Just because he is in the public eye doesn’t mean he has to report everything to the public, their life is what they want to keep to themselves and I don’t see the issue in that!

  2. I feel so happy for them..its their own business to do whatever they like..fans should support them and wishing them the best to their wonderful life

  3. I think the fans should but out of their business and not interfere with their idols personal life. The actors and actresses are people like us. The only difference is that they have a job who happened to entertain us. But their personal life should be none of our business.
    We admire them because of their ability to act not because they are married or single. We should all wish them happiness in life and not chastised them for seeking privacy and happiness with their family.
    Shame on any fans who feel like they were slighted because the couple did not broadcast their wedding and the birth of their daughter.
    I urge all of you to please give them peace and quiet and let them be our idol on the screen and not someone whom we possess. We should all wish them well and happiness in their family.
    Congratulations Zhang Yujian and Janice Wu on your wedding and your new baby girl.

  4. I think its awesome! There chemistry on screen is amazing and I think they make an awesome couple. As far as taking pictures and trying to cause drama and expose some kind of scandal get a grip, There adults, there married and they have a child its human nature let them raise there daughter in peace.
    People our so nosy these days!!!!!!

  5. Well I watched the drama, cared more for the second leads than main leads, but that’s besides the point. This is news to me. But with the info I read so far, seems like he has made couple mistakes, and no, it’s not marrying and having a baby. But having to probably comply with his company’s demands in portraying himself as single to continue promoting himself. Fans should blame themselves for following and supporting an idol only if they are single. I’m sure not all fans are like that, but data shows, that as soon as an idol starts dating, their popularity drops, hence why companies enforce these strict rules. Something to keep in mind before blaming most likely victims.

    1. I agree with you, sometimes they’re forced to not reveal because of the company and toxic fan culture as well.

      It was wrong to expose the child and with name. Outsiders, fans and entertainment industry don’t have the right to know with or without permission.

      I hope for a happy and lasting marriage to them.

  6. dang. this came out of nowhere lol well, for me because i dont follow either of them. but…congrats?

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