THE9 Compete Against Each Other on who Has the Best Relationship with BLACKPINK’S Lisa

THE9 Competes Against Each Other on Their Interactions with BLACKPINK'S Lisa

THE9 made a guest appearance on episode 7 of “Youth With You 3”. This episode reunited the group with BLACKPINK’s Lisa, who was their dance mentor on the previous season. The group had some face time with Lisa on the show. Lisa expressed she missed the group, especially Lu Keran. She explained she cried on the last episode when Lu Keran’s name was announced as the 9th member. Lu Keran was blushing and said, “I miss you too.” She also revealed she would watch that part several times. Esther Yu jokingly said, “It turns out Lisa-laoshi doesn’t just miss me.”

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Esther Yu also mentioned THE9 is having their first concert in March. Anqi and Esther Yu said Lisa can watch it as it’ll be streamed online. Esther Yu asked if a free ticket could be sent to Lisa, which Shaking suggested the 9 of them split the cost of the ticket.

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Lu Keran then starts bragging that the group who performed “The Eve” from last season got to hug Lisa. Esther Yu then says Lisa once taught her to raise her body from the floor. Anqi joins in and says, “Lisa-laoshi once said she likes me. She also said she loves me.” Esther Yu does the ultimate knockout by saying, “I even added her WeChat!” Anqi gives in and says, “You win, you win!”

Lisa expressing she wants a ticket to THE9’s concert

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