Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan’s Companies Deny Their Dating Rumors

Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan's Companies Deny Their Dating Rumors

Chinese entertainment bloggers might be pushing a run to boost their KPIs as Q1 is relatively slow when it comes to “news” and “headlines”. March 15 and March 16 have been filled with several “admission” and “denial” rumors. Wang Yibo (王一博) was one of the celebrities dragged into dating rumors with “Produce 101 China” alum, Li Zixuan (李子璇).

On March 16, several posts started circulating an idol with 30 million followers was dating Li Zixuan. One post outright named Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan were dating. One other post said the 30 million followers idol was between Wang Yibo and Cai Xukun. The dating rumors immediately trended at #1 with over 17 million mentions.

Li Zixuan’s studio first issued a statement denying the rumors. They stated, “Ms. Li Zixuan has been single all along. Our company has already gathered evidence of the rumors and behavior of maliciously guided comments. Afterwards, we will adopt legal measures to firmly protect our artist, Li Zixuan’s legal rights and interests.”

Wang Yibo’s management company, YUE HUA Entertainment, also swiftly issued a statement denying the rumors. They stated all the dating rumors regarding Wang Yibo circulating on March 16 are all false. They also stated: “Today’s comments regarding “30 million top tier rumor is Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan”, “30 million rumor is Wang Yibo”, and other comments are false rumors fabricated out of thin air. The false rumors against our company’s artist, Mr. Wang Yibo, have already seriously misled the majority of netizens. It has already been suspected to be in serious infringement of our company’s artist, Mr. Wang Yibo’s legal rights and interests.”

The company also asked all relevant entities to delete the content and stop the spread of rumors that are suspected to be infringing on Wang Yibo’s rights and interests. YUE HUA Entertainment is reserving the right to pursue legal action against the responsible entities.

Wang Yibo served as a mentor in “Produce 101 China”, where Li Zixuan was a trainee. Other than “Produce 101 China” and Li Zixuan’s appearance on “Day Day Up”, there are no pictures showing them in the same frame.

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  1. until now wang yibo hasnt shown that he is so kind to women..i dont know ..ofcourse he can do whatever he likes in his life..hes a tallented actor and deserves the best attention

    1. Haven’t you watched the tidbits of Legend of Fei? He was sooooo sweet to Zhao Liying till my teeth ache…. hahaha

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