THE9’s Esther Yu Gets Giddy After Adding BLACKPINK’s Lisa on WeChat

THE9's Esther Yu Gets Giddy After Adding BLACKPINK's Lisa on WeChat

THE9’s Esther Yu (虞书欣) returned to Dachang as the Youth Tutor on “Youth With You 3” to assist the mentors. She was reunited with her mentor from her season, BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Esther Yu has been a big fan of BLACKPINK and Lisa. They haven’t seen each other ever since the pandemic started and Lisa wasn’t able to travel to China for the show.

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Upon their reunion, Lisa and Esther Yu both expressed they missed each other a lot. After they were done working, Lisa expressed she really missed Esther Yu and asked for her number. Esther Yu got really excited and said, “Really?” and started citing the first few numbers, but then realized it was best to do it in private.

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Esther Yu then asked Lisa if she had WeChat and they proceeded to scan each other’s QR codes virtually. Esther Yu said, “Lisa-laoshi, I won’t be bothering you too often. I am also very busy. When I am thinking of Lisa-laoshi, I will send you a message.” Lisa responded back, “You can text me anytime.”

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