THE9’s Esther Yu Blames iQiyi Executive, Jiang Bin, for Portraying Her Like She’s Shading Other Groups on “Youth With You 3”

THE9's Esther Yu Blames iQiyi Executive, Jiang Bin, for Portraying Her Like She's Shading Other Groups on "Youth With You 3"

In the latest “Youth With You 3” (青春有你 3) episode that aired on March 6, THE9’s Esther Yu (虞书欣), who serves as the “Youth Tutor”, gives a pep talk to the dance group trainees after announcing their rankings. She said, “Even though I wasn’t that awesome, but each of my peers at the time were all working much harder than you all…There will be 9 people that debut in the end, but after you guys debut, how many points will this group get? Sixty five points is also a boy group, 95 points is also a boy group, but the 65 point group won’t have any more work after they debut. This is a very realistic thing. You guys also know how popular THE9 is and whichever groups that are not hot, right?”

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After this part aired, Esther Yu was trending on Weibo as a lot of yxh (yingxiaohao/marketing accounts) were accusing her of shading groups like BonBon Girls 303 and S.K.Y, which debuted the same time as THE9, when she mentioned “the other groups” that were not hot. Esther Yu posted on Weibo and addressed what she said on the latest episode, “There were no intentions to shade anyone or other groups. I’m so angry. @JiangBin, I won’t trust you anymore! Didn’t you want popularity? Come, here you go.”

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Esther Yu and Jiang Bin in the lower left corner

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Jiang Bin (姜滨) is an iQiyi executive in charge of variety shows such as the “Idol Producer”, “Youth With You”, and others. He has received a lot of criticisms from fans over the years for the poor management and promotion of disbanded groups, NINE PERCENT and UNINE, that were born from “Idol Producer” and “Youth With You”, respectively.

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Li Yuchun and Jiang Bin

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Esther Yu had already trended earlier that day for a segment where a trainee asked her whether the first public performance was live. She responded, “Can you guys go live with your level of abilities?” Esther Yu was joking when she said this, but it still managed to trend. She posted on Weibo and said, “Help! I also need to train very well for my level to be broadcasted live. Let’s jiayou together! Lets jiayou together! There are also a lot of content for everyone to watch. Let’s all watch “Youth With You 3″. The didis (younger brothers) are all very hard working. The stages look very good!”

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  1. An ex sasaeng she disgusting after all she spend her money on getting into people life she us kim soohyun sasaeng shebeven made a mess in an airport because he changed his flight to avoid sasaengs and no one told her , she payed money to get into his shooting place and even posted his hotel name and the number of his room , and she us very fake, she was in another show and she was very arrogant to other contestants and now she is playing the cute ! Her official management weibo account had spread rumors about her dating cai Xukun when they aired ywy to promote her more … She debuted with 0 talent and she still cant sing or do anything except modeling ewww

    1. lol do u have evidence? those accusations are all rumors. stop spreading rumors until you find concrete evidence. lmfao you know you can be sued for defamation right

    2. OK HOL UP. I don’t want any fight so I’m saying this very calmly. Those are not true. I REPEAT. THOSE ARE RUMORS AND HAS BEEN DEBUNKED. Just because you don’t like how she act and now your throwing hate on her and picking up some rumors and shit that is NOT EVEN REAL:'(. Ofc u picked those rumors from other haters. Several people hates Esther yu afterall. And here Ya’ll picking up those nasty rumors. PLS PLS PLS. STOP THIS UNNECESSARY HATE. THOSE ARE NOT TRUE. ur just hating her for nothing. I and yes she might be have less talent than the other members of THE9 who debuted. BUT DID SHE FORCE ANYBODY TO VOTE HER?? No right? THEY VOTED HER BECAUSE THEY LIKE HER, THEY VOTED HER BECAUSE OF HOW SHE PRESENT HERSELF DURING THE SHOW.

      Lemme tell you. U don’t know how I HATED ESTHER YU IN THE PAST. but that was because I just saw ger randomly online. I didn’t know her yet.

      plsplspls. Im begging you, stop hating her, know her first. She’s really cute, bubbly, funny and yes WEIRD🤣. but that’s what everyone like about her. Plssss

  2. She is an ex sasaeng of kim soohyun she even made a mess in an airport because he changed his flight and theybdidnt tell her , she use her money to get into idols place even she was able to get into his shooting and posted the name of the hotel and his room number, she act cute and she was an arrogant biitch in another reality show with other contestants there are videos from that show ewww i don’t except anything from her brain…

  3. this girl from the9 is pretty savage! c’mon guys she’s telling the problem and reality in idols world. we knows there are so many talented idols are disbanded because of poor management and poor promotions not only in kpop world but also in cpop. no matter how you are Good or talented if the management was the problem your career will ended soon. and that disturbing and disgusting reality and this easter yu l understand what she saying. she’s brave,indeed.

  4. The other groups are more Talented and hard working than ur messy group at least they can sing, when you cant sing or dance

      1. in my opinion easter yu have a point l followed the the youth with you season2 until end and l can say the9 is an aces queen for me because they were rookie in different skills acting,singing,swag!, elite dancers, and pretty but after the debut l was sad like easter yu said l can see the problem is the poor management and slow promotion of the girls.

    1. Tss learn how to read dumb*ss don’t just type a comment without reading it fully idiot it’s not like your so talented 😊

      1. If i are going to compare Actually BBG can sing especially Live and the center rap is better than the main rapper of the9 and they are real vocal , and their album sales are even better than the 9 , the9 are just popular because they are Popular nothing more and debuted because ywy was scripted to focus on these trainees who were already popular even before ywy

      1. So you don’t like her then the group have no skills? Great logic.. You don’t like Esther don’t read her news and you don’t like doesn’t make the group less talented because the9 is an ace group

    2. Bro did you even fcking read the article?? Um sorry not tryna be rude or sum but ur basically hating her for nothing:(

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