Esther Yu Devises Plan to Continue Promoting as THE9 After Group Disbands

Esther Yu Devises Plan to Continue Promoting as THE9 After Group Disbands

THE9 arrived at the Dachang on episode 7 of “Youth With You 3” to support their shidis (younger male disicple/brother). It will be THE9’s one year debut anniversary on May 30, 2021. Like all iQiyi groups, the group will disband after 18 months. During a break while the stages were being set up, Esther Yu mentioned she told iQiyi executive, Jiang Bin, to give them a variety show where they can travel. However, the conversation shifted to a point where she said no one would film them anymore. Snow Kong and Anqi said they can do it themselves and split the costs.

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Esther Yu then says, “After we disband in December, starting from January, we can conspire to do this on our own and call it THE9 Variety Show Vlog.” Anqi says it’s doable and Esther Yu says, “Bye bye Idol Youth (THE9’s management company.”

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Esther Yu continues telling the other members, “We are not disbanding after December. We will register a company and it’ll be THE9. We can earn money ourselves…We’ll continue to release songs. We’re such an awesome group. There is no need to disband.” Esther Yu turns to Liu Yuxin and says, “When I become Best Actress and you’ll be going to the Grammys or whatever, we’ll still be THE9. How awesome would it be? Zhao Xiaotang will become a female entrepreneur. Then we wait for the next season to disband and then they can come to our company.”

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Esther Yu doesn’t stop there. She tells Anqi and Snow Kong, “At our disbandment concert, we’ll tell everyone, ‘Today, we broke up, but THE9 isn’t breaking up. Starting tomorrow, this is our new company…Today is the day THE9 disbands and also the day we form THE9 Plus.”

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  1. l’m so proud of them go!go!go! we are so many in different countries are still stan on the9 love them from philippines 🇵🇭

  2. I’m so happy for them and wish them all the best in their dream plan of a company🥰. Also I hope it is soon because I’m just itching to watch the adventure unfold

  3. i dont understand why r they disbanding UNDER IQYI so fast, but hopefully aft they signed their new contract themselves as the9, they will get more promo n events!!

    1. the9 is group name registered under iqiyi.
      if they want to use it… they have to do little change to the name

      and also did they have great backer to support them if they want to go independent???

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