Tencent’s “CHUANG 2021” and iQiyi’s “Youth With You 3” Go Head to Head in Battle of the Boy Band Survival Shows

Tencent's CHUANG 2021 and iQiyi's Youth With You 3 Go Head to Head in Battle of the Boy Band Survival Shows

It’s February and that means it’s survival show season. Tencent aired “CHUANG 2021” much earlier than previous years and even beat out its competitor, “Youth With You 3”, by airing a day earlier. In previous years, the “Youth With You 3” group would always debut a little earlier. This year, we might get a finale on the same night.

Tencent shook things up this year by letting the trainees grade their peers by voting and determining their ranks. Also, this season returns to 11 debut spots from last year’s 7 spots. Three trainees ascended to the A group in the first episode: Jaywalk Newjoy’s Zhou Keyu, Chinese-Brazilian Oscar, who joined “We Are Young” last year, and R1SE member (He Luoluo’s bandmate), Lin Mo, from Yi An Musical.

“CHUANG 2021” is off to a strong start with many top level competitors this year including Japanese group, Intersection members, Mika Hashizume, Kazuma Mitchell, and Caelan Moriarty, world renowned street dance champion, Santa, celebrity choreographer, Rikamaru, and more.

iQiYi also upped the stakes this season by implementing a full open mic policy, meaning no accompanying vocals or backtrack. The show also has a new rule in which they only keep trainees in grades A, B, and C.

Prior to the first episode of “Youth With You 3”, the show aired a preview episode showcasing the mentors’ performances. BLACKPINK’s Lisa wowed everyone with her performance of Cai Xukun’s “Lover”, who was the PD of “Youth With You 2”. Before the performance aired, Lisa was trending on Weibo for her figure when they released teaser pictures of her.

iQiYi also kept true to last year’s theme of being limitless and undefined by social norms when it came to picking trainees. This year’s “limitless” trainees include five member boy group, Produce Pandas, who want to defy the industry standards when it comes to appearances.

There is also hot favorite trainee and a familiar face if you watched Produce X 101, Tony Yu Jingtian, who finished in 20th place on the show.

It’ll be tough for fans this year as both shows have strong trainees.

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  1. Chuang 2021 has a lot of talented trainees. Aside from this, it is more entertaining because besides the real performances, they also released vlogs, behind the scenes, diaries, dance practice, focus cam, are you a wareeolf series and many more. Btw i have been rooting for oscar. Please check him out and vote for him.

  2. hey guys, I am planning to make a insta groupchat for Chuang 2021. It’s a place you can share your fav trainees and more. if you want to be apart of it pls dm me on insta @yukiqiuu and I will add you in after i see your dm

  3. Giiiirl, I missed Chuang 2021 airing. Let me go check it out before I read your article. Don’t want to spoil it for myself.😋 Thank you for the news.

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