“CHUANG 2021” Trainee, AK, Apologizes for Old Diss Track Against Cai Xukun and NINE PERCENT in Rap Performance

CHUANG 2021 Trainee, AK, Apologizes for Old Diss Track Against Cai Xukun and NINE PERCENT in Rap Performance

Tencent’s “CHUANG 2021” has started out with a bang with plenty of top-tier trainees. The first episode reportedly had 58 hot searches trending on Weibo. It seems Tencent took the initiative to invite a lot of interesting personalities to the show. One of the highlights in the first episode was trainee, AK (Liu Zhang 刘彰), who was quite familiar to many of his peers in the audience.

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Prior to the show, AK was known as a rapper. He got into some controversy a few years back when he made a diss track poking fun at Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤), NINE PERCENT, idols, and fan girls, which even trended at the time. The lyrics were quite vulgar with verses like, “Artists rely on their works to prove themselves, idols have nothing. Even if you take down all of NINE PERCENT’s songs, you guys won’t be mad either because their only business is their faces and foundation.”

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In another verse, he spits out, “Sings bad, dances average, will disband 40 days later. The fact is he played basketball not wearing basketball gear but suspenders to show off his ball skills. What else is there in this world to make you guys even greasier?”, “Let me see your ge’s crotch, sigh, there is nothing at all. Your ge needs a doctor’s help.”, “Peace, oh, oh, yes, yes. Very sorry, peace is for the people on this side. Those girls who like NINE PERCENT, we only have beef with each other.”

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The basketball video AK is referring to in his verse

So when R1SE’s Zhou Zhennan cued him for a solo performance, AK explained his original rap song, “A Letter of Apology”, was in response to something he did in the past. In his backstage interview, AK explained it was important to perform this song well as it was a way for him to bid farewell to some of his past behaviors.

After his performance, Zhou Zhennan asked him if it would be convenient for him to explain the backstory behind the track. AK owned up to his past deeds and explained when he was around 18 or 19, there were some things that triggered his inner anger and made him hate certain people. It resulted in the personal attacks he made in the diss track. He said, “Looking back at it now, I also find it very loathsome. I also want to slap myself.” AK also said he had to own up to his mistakes and take responsibility for his past behavior even if singing this song on the stage meant everyone would know what he did previously.

AK earned a lot of praise and respect from the trainees and the mentors for apologizing and owning up to his mistakes.

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5 thoughts on ““CHUANG 2021” Trainee, AK, Apologizes for Old Diss Track Against Cai Xukun and NINE PERCENT in Rap Performance

  1. As a stan of NINEPERCENT and Cai Xukun, u could say I’m partial but what he said truly was offending and disgusting cuz I’ve been following Cai Xukun for 4 years now and still stan NINEPERCENT even after Disbanding so I do quite know the facts bout them and “Sings bad, dance average”!!!
    If U tell me Zhu Zhengting and Cai Xukun can be considered as ‘Average Dance’, then oh pls, I dont know what the word dance means in the 1st place….And he says artists use their works and idols have nothing, but he himself goes and participates in an Idol Survival Show…..U kidding me!!

  2. Is anyone actually stupid enough to believe this weak and insincere apology lmao
    He didn’t even adress the main issue
    Which was the sexual lyrics about underage idols and their underage fans. Honestly f*ck him, hope he’s eliminated asap so no one has to look at that crusty rat face ever again.

    1. I understand you mad, but people make mistakes. Not everyone will like every idol. I think that he will prove the better version of himself but not everyone have to like him.

      1. fast forward to end of chuang, he was insensitive towards other trainee (aka the part where he laughed at gan wangxing when he came back without jing long, used the r slur, still never apologized to the people he attacked (basically “i’m sorry for what i did, but i’m not sorry to who i did it to”)), debuted in the group with all that and it’s so disgusting knowing he’s in a boy group after all those disgusting words he said

        1. are you dumb the r slur was a mistranslation wetv apologized for the mistranslation

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