Steven Cheung’s Wife Denies They are Ghosting Their Lenders and Avoiding to Repay Their Debts

Steven Cheung's Wife Denies They are Ghosting Their Lenders and Avoiding to Repay Their Debts

A few weeks ago, Steven Cheung (張致恒) and his wife, Man Man (區燕雯), were rumored to be escaping from their lenders and not repaying their debts by moving houses and avoiding their calls. When the media tried to contact Steven Cheung, his number was already disconnected. Steven Cheung and his family were later spotted to be living in a village house in Yuen Long with posters stuck on the streets blasting them to repay their debts.

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One of Steven Cheung’s creditor is model, Naomi Feng (馮鎵瀠), who publicly blasted the family for living lavishly while still owing her money. Steven Cheung denied they were not repaying her back and asked his lenders for some time. However, with the recent reports the couple moved to a “lavish home” and seemed to be spending like they weren’t in debt, Naomi Feng blasted them again.

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On March 14, Steven Cheung’s wife wrote a long post addressing all the rumors about them trying to default on their debts. She first thanked Naomi Feng for lending them $20,000 HKD and revealed that they had borrowed money from a finance company to repay half of the money back to her. She also apologized for not having the ability to repay the entire amount to her. Man Man said, “We are already experiencing what we need to experience. The finance company have already stuck posters on the streets and even came at our door. However, I will promise you now. I will definitely use my ability to repay this $10,000 HKD to you in two months.”

Afterwards, Man Man started addressing all the suspicions from Naomi Feng. She blasted Naomi Feng for threatening her mother to repay their debts. She also explained the home they are living now is remote so rent isn’t expensive. As for the dogs, they’ve already had them when they were dating. About buying toys for her kids, Man Man explained they were gifts from relatives. She expressed, “I owe people money, but does that mean I cannot live, cannot survive? I have two children. Does that mean they cannot have their own childhood? I owe people money, but don’t have the ability to repay it. I admit I am guilty, but why are my two children guilty?”

Lastly, Man Man said Steven Cheung has been working hard and would repay his debts once he gets paid. She asked everyone to be magnanimous and promised to repay all their debts. Naomi Feng spoke with Oriental Daily News and denied sending someone to harass their family. She blasted Man Man saying they shouldn’t have spent beyond their means and told them to get a job. She also shaded them saying, “They are living in a new home with a garden, drink bottled water, and hire a maid”, which all seem very lavish to her.

Naomi Feng also revealed she stopped going after the rest of the debt after she received the first half of the money. However, she told Steven Cheung to repay her once he finds work in China and asked them to stop using their children and pets to shield them from the criticisms. She also urged them to find a job and repay all their debtors.

Credit:, Steven Cheung IG