Model Blasts Steven Cheung for Not Paying Her Back When He Has Money to Hire a Helper

Model Blasts Steven Cheung for Not Paying Her Back When He Has Money to Hire a Helper

Boy’z member, Steven Cheung (張致恒), was labeled “scumbag” of the year in 2019 when he was caught cheating on five women at the same time. Aside from cheating their love, Steven Cheung had reportedly owed money to some of these women. This was all uncovered when Steven Cheung announced he was getting married to a fan and also having a baby with her. He had even borrowed money from Kenny Kwan and Yumiko Cheng. Steven Cheung apologized for his past behavior, but the scandal effected his entertainment career. He was left doing odd jobs trying to support his family. His wife also gave birth to another baby boy.

Steven Cheung’s Wife Denies They are Ghosting Their Lenders and Avoiding to Repay Their Debts

As it turns out, Steven Cheung had borrowed money from other people, including Bob Cheung, Bob Lam, model, Naomi Fung (馮鎵瀠), and more. Steven Cheung’s wife had recently vented on social media yelling at him for not letting the helper help her with the bags she was carrying including appliances. She called him to have the helper come out to assist her, but Steven Cheung said the helper was busy at the time and didn’t know how to tell her to come out.

Steven Cheung Borrowed Money from Kenny Kwan and Yumiko Cheng to Repay Ex-Girlfriends

After the news about his wife’s post was reported, Naomi Fung blasted Steven Cheung publicly for having money to hire a helper and buy appliances, but not repay her. Steven Cheung responded to Naomi Fung’s claims, saying, “We hired her two years ago. The appliance my wife was referring to was exchanged with the points saved on my phone. What my two sons wear aren’t name brands. A lot of their toys and clothes are gifts from their grandmother and friends.”

Steven Cheung was asked why he didn’t move back to public housing. He explained that because they have three dogs, they can’t move back as those public housing complexes don’t allow dogs. Those dogs were raised by his wife for over 5 years already. They would have to give up the dogs if they moved back, so that’s why they are living in a village house.

As for not paying back the money he borrowed from friends, Steven Cheung explained that he tried a lot of different jobs. Because of the pandemic, he was fired a lot too. He said, “I did work hard to earn money hoping I can support my family and repay my friends with any leftover money. However, it’s really hard now. The salary from work isn’t even enough to cover family expenses. I can’t even save a little money to pay back friends, making a lot of them very unhappy. I apologize to everyone who has ever lent me money. I am really sorry for not being able to repay you guys all this time. In the coming days, I will work hard to pay back the money to you guys.”

Credit: Apple Daily, IG