“CHUANG 2021” Trainee, Kazuma, Gets Warm Send Off from Fans, Promises He Will Return to China

CHUANG 2021 Trainee, Kazuma, Gets Warm Send Off from Fans, Promises He Will Return to China

It has been three days since fans were devastated with the news of “CHUANG 2021” (创造营 2021) trainee, Kazuma, withdrawing from the show. Even though Kazuma was only on the show for three weeks, he amassed a huge fanbase, especially Chinese fans who managed to get him in 4th place in the third week of ranking despite a lack of promotion and screen time.

“CHUANG 2021” Trainee, Kazuma, Withdraws from the Show

On March 10, many fans were at the airport to send off Kazuma back to Japan. Kazuma was also given the A-list celebrity treatment as he was accompanied by a staff member and a few bodyguards surrounding him at the airport. Chinese fans gave him a proper send off and expressed their well wishes to him. A fan says to him, “Kaz, we will miss you.” Kazuma responds back to her and says, “I will miss you too.” He also said to Chinese fans, “I will come back to China as soon as possible.” One fan account also reported that they told Kazuma he was ranked 4th in the last ranking and they said he nodded his head in acknowledgment.

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When Kazuma arrived in Japan, he was also met with a group of fans at the airport. He took the time to sign autographs for his fans and interacted with them. A fan at the Tokyo airport asked him in Mandarin if he would go back to China, Kazuma responded back in Mandarin, “I want to.”

Credit: IG, Weibo