Talu Wang’s Mother Suddenly Passes Away at 65

Talu Wang's Mother Suddenly Passes Away at 65

According to Taiwanese reports, Talu Wang’s (王大陸) mother suddenly passed away on August 5 due to a rupture of a brain tumor in her brain stem. An emergency surgery was performed, but she passed away on August 9 at 65.

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It’s reported Talu Wang’s mother didn’t know she had a brain tumor as she didn’t have any symptoms. Around noon on August 5, Talu Wang’s mother was discovered unconscious in her bed by her daughter. She was immediately sent to a hospital and was said to have a Glasglow Coma Scale of 3. The doctor warned that Talu Wang’s mother was discovered too late and having surgery might not be useful. However, her family decided to proceed with the surgery.

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Talu Wang’s mother’s condition post-op wasn’t looking optimistic. She wasn’t responding to the medicine either. She passed away around 2:30 am on August 9.

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Talu Wang’s manager announced his mother’s passing on August 10 through their work studio: “Mr. Talu Wang’s mother unfortunately passed away from illness yesterday. He has received everyone’s concern. Kindly ask everyone to please give him some time and space. Also kindly ask the friends who have been caring and supporting Mr. Talu Wang not to worry. The most important thing right now is to arrange for Auntie’s funeral matters.”

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It’s reported Talu Wang and his mother had a really close relationship as his father was busy with his business and constantly flew back to China. So his mother was a big part of his life growing up. Talu Wang would often post pictures of him and his mother on his social media accounts.

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