“The Wolf” Finally Airs Three Years Later with Much Excitement from Fans Around the World

“The Wolf Finally Airs Three Years Later with Much Excitement from Fans Around the World Weibo_11.19.20

After three years of painstaking delays and anticipation from fans, Chinese drama, “The Wolf” (狼殿下), finally aired on November 19. The series was filmed in 2017 and stars Talu Wang (王大陸), Li Qin (李沁), and Xiao Zhan (肖战). For reasons unknown, the series kept getting delayed without much information as to why it was getting pushed back.

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Fans were strung along year after year when there would be news the series was going to air soon. When it seemed like the last glimmer of hope would be gone for anything good to happen in 2020, “The Wolf” unexpectedly aired on November 19 through Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, and Youtube with English subs, without any prior notice. Tencent VIP members don’t need to wait any longer as the whole series is available to them immediately.

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Xiao Zhan’s character, “Ji Chong”, and his kiss scene with female lead, Li Qin, were trending on Weibo on the first day. It’s understandable why Xiao Zhan’s fans, known as “Xiao Fei Xia” or “Peter Pan”, would be so excited given the year he has had.

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Ji Chong: “Don’t be afraid. We have plenty of time for that in the future.”
Ji Chong: “I don’t want an apology. I want…”

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Aside from Weibo, Xiao Zhan’s fans got “Ji Chong” and “The Wolf” to trend globally on Twitter.

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Two days after the series aired, the series continued to trend on Weibo. One trend was for this scene where many viewers had left scrolling moments telling “Ji Chong” to “go for it” and “charge!”.

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Another trend was how Li Qin’s foundation was rubbed onto Talu Wang’s nose and made it look like he had highlight on in this scene. He responded to the trend by tagging Li Qin and said, “Thank you for Xing’er’s highlight or else I would blend into the night again.”

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A netizen responded to Talu Wang’s post with this picture showing Li Qin as Fair, Xiao Zhan as Natural, and Talu Wang as Healthy foundation skin tones.

Talu Wang also dedicated a post to his late mother who passed away three months ago. He wrote, “Mommy~ have you watched it? In these three years, when I come home, you’d ask me when we could watch “The Wolf”. I know you like Frankie-jie’s work! We were all very dedicated on this work! You must also remember to watch it! The Wolf only loved one person in this life! Wolf Boy loves you forever.”

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Talu Wang's Mother Suddenly Passes Away at 65
Talu Wang and his late mother

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6 thoughts on ““The Wolf” Finally Airs Three Years Later with Much Excitement from Fans Around the World

  1. 3 years of wait is insane! But at least they still managed to bring this out. It would’ve been a shame if they cancelled the show since it’s really nice. (Currently on ep 36.)

  2. I cannot believe it after 3 years of delay i get to see the wolf that xiao zhan act. I love you forever more xiao zhan❤❤❤❤

  3. Congratulations Sean Xiao ! and your team in the Wolf Drama. I am impressed.
    Please to see you gradually coming back. I am amazed to see your singing and acting abilities.Also your generosity of spirit in serving the needs of the community in public services are highly commendable.
    I am glad the authority for CCTV recognized and supported you.Young people should be recognized for their hard work,determination,strength of will and willingness to continuously learn and better themselves to reach their potential .
    “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass.It`s about learning to sing and dance in the Rain “.
    You have chosen and cope very well ,despite been thrown in a pool with alligators all around you. .Your family and professors at university must be very proud of their prodigy , and i am sure following your career. .
    The other thing is,you are not responsible for the behavior of others.You can only influence others by being a , “Role Model”.
    Some people has very poor ineffective coping skills and are horribly damaged inside with some kind of sickness that need healing from professional help ,so don`t even try .
    Here is wishing you, Happy Thanksgiving and lots of laughter,smiles and good memories !

  4. I’m watching “The Wolf” now on YouTube and I love it ❤. As always Xiao Zhan gives as he says 80 – 85% when doing his job. I personal think it’s more then that, but like him I don’t believe anyone is perfect however some may come close. Xiao Zhan please keep up the good job. May you always be happy and safe.

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