Li Qin’s Kiss Scenes with Xiao Zhan and Talu Wang in “The Wolf” Trend for Similar Reasons

Li Qin's Kiss Scenes with Xiao Zhan and Talu Wang in The Wolf Trend for Similar Reasons

Since the long awaited series, “The Wolf” (狼殿下), aired on November 19, after a 3 year wait, it has constantly been trending on Weibo. The funniest trends were probably Li Qin’s (李沁) kiss scenes with Xiao Zhan (肖战) and Talu Wang (王大陸). They were trending because of the awkwardness of the kisses.

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Exhibit A

Xiao Zhan’s character, “Ji Chong”, forced a kiss on Li Qin’s “Zhai Xing” when he was drunk. According to netizens, this trended because Xiao Zhan’s kiss had “rearranged” the shape of Li Qin’s nose.

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Exhibit B

The recent kiss scene of Talu Wang’s character, “King Bo”, also trended a few days ago when he forced a kiss on Li Qin while holding her captive. This kiss earned laughs as the awkward kiss “rearranged” the shape of Li Qin’s mouth this time.

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Talu Wang responded to the trending hashtag, saying, “You guys don’t understand King Bo’s love, but I understand it.” He includes this picture of Li Qin hugging him and the caption says, “It’s nothing. Don’t worry.”

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Li Qin was previously asked to rate the new generation of male actors. When it came to Xiao Zhan, she said, “Xiao Zhan, the most serious.” As for Talu Wang, she said, “Talu Wang, the biggest mouth.” Li Qin says she feels bad for saying this every time as she always gets asked this question. She tells him to sacrifice a bit for the sake of “The Wolf”. She had also once talked about her kiss scenes with Talu Wang, saying, “Other people doing kiss scenes, they receive the kiss. When he films kiss scenes, it’s like a suction cup. I don’t want to be a suction cup.”

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  1. Its hard being an actor and doing kiss scenes. Maybe Talu Wang just doesnt do kiss scenes well. I mean its hard to fake a kiss on camera and actually make it look real. I for one even at my age would not mind kissing those lips of his even if it is like she said…lol

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with it. You have to look at the part he’s playing. Think about his life, I would expect no more. I would have wondered why he was a great kisser in these scenes. And he’s doing it as an aggressive way to push her away, not get her to like him.

  3. Damn! A kiss compared to a suction cup! LOL. Burn! I made fun so many times of this while it was waiting to air since it was taking forever. I was even looking forward to it but after a few episodes I had to drop it. Honestly, they waited too long to release this. The hype is gone. They even released it for free with no promotions I read. Some people lost big $$$!

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