Wang Yibo’s Team Addresses Fans Spamming Douban to Counter Bad Ratings on Wang Yibo’s Works

Wang Yibo's Team Addresses Fans Spamming Douban to Counter Bad Ratings on Wang Yibo's Works

Wang Yibo’s (王一博) official work account made a statement on November 25 over his fans bombarding Douban to stealth up their accounts in order to counter anti fans who were leaving bad ratings on Wang Yibo’s work. This all started when fans discovered a great amount of anti fans were leaving one point ratings for some of Wang Yibo’s series. In order to combat the ratings, fans wanted to leave positive reviews and five point ratings for his work.

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It’s widely believed that ratings from new accounts don’t get factored into the work. Based on the Douban algorithm, many fandoms engage in a practice called “growing accounts” (养号) to elevate the status of new or existing accounts by engaging and interacting a lot with the app. Some activities fans have engaged in include rating and leaving a short review on five older movies each day, join Douban discussion topics non-related to entertainment, respond to three posts, uploading a daily lifestyle picture on the main page, and more. The belief is that if you’ve successfully grown your account, your ratings will be factored in and comments will show at the top when they’re sorted by popularity for that piece of work.

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As this was a collective effort, some fans were leaving poorly written reviews and giving random ratings to other works non-related to Wang Yibo. An editor of a newly released book issued a post complaining about Wang Yibo fans of “growing accounts” on Douban that negatively impacted the performance of her work. Other classic works were also negatively impacted because of this.

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Spam reviews saying, “like, like, like, like, like, etc.” and three star ratings for all of them.

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Douban released a statement about the recent suspicious activity and complaints they received about the negative impact to the app’s ecosystem and atmosphere. They stated they would be clearing the junk data and blacklisting those accounts’ comments and ratings to be invalidated. They also debunked the myth that “growing accounts” would have any impact on the ratings and also said it was a violation of the Douban community guidelines.

Douban’s statement on the matter

Wang Yibo’s team addressed the incident and said they “extremely oppose behaviors such as ‘growing accounts for scoring’, ‘spamming comments’, and more that disrupt the ecosystem and order on the platform.” They asked everyone to respect each work, each creator, and the rules of the platform. They also asked that the comments be left to readers, viewers, and movie fans to share their sincerity and passion, which would be respect for the work, themselves, and others.

Wang Yibo’s team’s response

Many fans already expressed their apologies and claimed they didn’t know of the unexpected adverse results of their actions. They explained they were just doing this to protect Wang Yibo’s work and fight off anti fans.

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  1. Iam not a fan of anyone but I’m a human. I don’t know Mr. Wang Yibo but I see his acting, dancing, singing and playing. He is multitalented. Since from the last year there are some people who always spread rumors about Mr. Xiao Zhan and Mr. Wang yibo. I don’t know why they are doing like this and what they realy want.
    Why they doesn’t consider humanity and why they doesn’t think that celebrities are also humans. They also have feelings , emotions and a family like we have. They also bleed when they get hurted. So try to respect others privacy and their personality. We don’t have the right to play with others life. What they are acheived in today, it’s all because of their talents and hardwork and the blessing of God. I want to say them that don’t give up their self for one who blaims and spreading rumors. You have the strength and you need to make it shower. Don’t stop and keep going.
    And you jiejie, please don’t support the person who are spreading rumors..

    1. I have no idea who is that man but your words are very true and respect you with all my heart. No one has right to intentionally hurt another. Those that do will owe karma debts and most of us are on this precious blue planet are here to pay back our karma debts. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER. Competions ruin us. Each of us have problems but we each have special gifts that we can share with others! Please take care and have a great day!

  2. I’m from Nepal. I got to know Wang Yibo through his drama Gank Your Heart. I’ve watched every videos of Wang Yibo. I’m greatly Influenced by his struggles and his efforts. He’s such a multitalented guy. I actually don’t like to be calling a fan girl but I’d love to be a fangirl of him. Plenty of love and kindest regard .

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