Cast Rallies Support for Wang Yibo’s New Song for “Legend of Fei” OST After it Trends for “Sounding Bad”

Cast Rallies Support for Wang Yibo's New Song for Legend of Fei OST After it Trends for Sounding Bad

Wang Yibo (王一博) released a new song, “Xi Wei” (熹微), on December 8 for the “Legend of Fei” (有翡) original soundtrack (OST). However, shortly after the song was released, the hashtag “#难听” (nan ting), which translates to “sounds bad”, was trending in the top 10 of the Weibo hot search. It’s suspected the hot search was bought by anti fans as plenty of those posts were complaining about Wang Yibo and the song.

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Because of the hot trend, the cast of “Legend of Fei” rallied support for Wang Yibo by posting this, “好! 听!” (hao ting), which translates to “Sounds good!” Zanilia Zhao Liying also trended for supporting Wang Yibo’s song.

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Zhao Liying
Top to bottom: Leng Jiyuan, Zhou Jieqiong, Zhang Huiwen, Zhang Xinyu
Chen Ruoxuan

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The “Sounds Bad” hashtag also piqued the curiosity of passersby and non-fans. So some of them actually listened to the song and it backfired the plans of anti-fans. Many of these passersby either ended up liking the song or defended the song. They left comments under the antis’ posts:

“Ai, scared for me a bit. I thought it would be really awful. I went into the hot comments and saw it was all anti comments. You still have the audacity to say you are a passerby. Where do you get the courage? Shuai ge (handsome guy) is #pitiful.”
“Purely a passerby. Really sounds good.”
“I don’t think you can say it particularly sounds good or stunning, but it doesn’t sound bad either…How did it even get onto the hot search?”
“This…I listened to it twice and I still think it sounds good. This melody is very awesome. Now, I really think there is such a thing as professional antis in this world.”
“It doesn’t sound bad to the point of trending on the hot search list…”

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“Seeing you guys fighting so enthusiastically, I curiously went to buy a copy to listen to it. Honestly speaking, I don’t think it sounds bad, but it definitely doesn’t get to the point where it sounds especially good. It’s just like the kind where you can continue listening on. To me, it‘s a normal song. Also, I don’t know if you guys are hating just for the sake of hating or you’re trying to attract more people to buy it. I didn’t want to buy it originally, but seeing you guys argue about it so enthusiastically, I was curious so I decided to spend money to buy it.”
“Is this really not reverse promotion? I think it’s not bad.”
“I saw this hot trend. It got me curious. I went to buy a copy to listen. The one who bought the hot trend is a swindler, right?”
“#难听 Seeing the hot trend, I purposely searched to see how bad Wang Yibo’s new song sounds. In the end, I actually thought it was alright. I want to say upfront that I am really not a fan. I don’t remember if I followed him.”
“Yeah right, it sounds bad, you damn m*therf*cker”. I thought it would really sound bad. I purposely spent 3 RMB to listen to it. Where does it sound bad? Do your ears have issues?”

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9 thoughts on “Cast Rallies Support for Wang Yibo’s New Song for “Legend of Fei” OST After it Trends for “Sounding Bad”

  1. Objectively, the song isn’t bad but the singing is because the pitching was unsteady and the phrasing wasn’t on point. I think people support him because they think he’s handsome. Not condemning him but cast support him because it’s their drama too.

  2. Wang Yibo apesar de jovem é mais do que incrível. Ele está destemidamente sempre testando seus proprios limites e sempre vence!! Mesmo não sendo o melhor cantor ele vai e faz muito bem!! Ele é simplesmente fenomenal. Quem já o viu correr e vencer em uma pista de corrida de motociclismo, dançar a versão perfeita de Versarce in the floor sabe que aquilo foi pura genialidade. Poucas pessoas no mundo a possuem como Yibo. Beleza, talentos infinitos e humildade. Perfeição.!!!

  3. Sounds bad??!. I think there’s something wrong with that persons ears… even if i’m not Chinese, And i very rare listening Chinese songs but when i listening wang yibos song my ears could accepted and very enjoying yibos voice and his deep voice very unique and sexy. It’s very good. Nice song and match well with Yibo voice.
    Good Job Yibo, keep your spirit up. God bless you 👍

  4. These negatives abt WangbYibo’s new song r totally uncalled for. Even for someone who doesn’t read n write Chinese, I enjoyed the song immensely n found it so pleasant to listen to.
    To these loud mouths who attacked WYB, go get a life!
    WYB is a talent : well versed in dancing, singing n acting….let us enjoy this gift of WYB n appreciate n embrace it!!

  5. I am an international fan of Wang Yibo after watching The Untamed and Street Dance of China 3, I truly will never understand why anyone could say anything bad about this man. He is someone who truly works hard doing all the things he loves. He is a very talented actor, singer dancer, and racer and I admire his courage to do all that he does. I think he has a beautiful strong voice and he is an extremely good actor. I wish people would leave him to live his life in peace and let him continue growing and becoming stronger in all his endeavors. He is a human being just enjoying his life. If you don’t have nice things to say about him, then just find someone else you like. Let him live his best life.

  6. Yibo has been attacked by antis since forever, even when he was first casted as lwj, so I’d appreciate it if people who think that now he’s some kind of big boss who can control antis to attack others to please wake up. He’s just someone who is doing what he likes. And I admire him for that. He’s also someone who struggles from the bottom, everything he has now is not handed to him in silver platter. He works hard for it. So for antis or others who have been brainwashed by certain people to hate on him, you can just go away and stop looking at him if you dislike him. 😊
    Stop dissing him and focus on the artist you like.

    1. The song is very good and only antifans could responsible for thrashing it and Wang Yibo to this extent. As a fan in the US, I must say I am horrified at intensity of the organized hate groups who attack both Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan, since the worldwide impact they have made with The Untamed and subsequent ventures.. These two young men work tirelessly and bring great joy to the world and they deserve every good thing that comes their way. I can only chalk it up to envy in it’s worst form.
      Wang Yibo, live your best life and ignore the haters that attack you at every chance. This American Nana thinks you are absolutely amazing. Thank you for the happiness you bring.

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