“Legend of Fei” Team Denies Complaints about the Cast and Crew From Someone Claiming to be an Assistant Director on the Series

Legend of Fei Team Denies Complaints about the Cast and Crew From Someone Claiming to be an Assistant Director on the Series

On December 23, someone claiming to be an assistant director on the set of “Legend of Fei” (有翡) wrote a lengthy post complaining about the screenwriter, actors (except Zhao Liying), and the producers all being rubbish. They said the directors were professional and the stunt team is world class, but said the screenwriter was “useless”. They claimed the script was never completed since day 1 to the end of filming. The script would contain random pages inserted. The cast would study their script the night before, but when they arrived to the set the next day, the script would change. They alleged the production team sent a female leader to the film set to add pressure to the cast and crew to finish on time, which led to frustration to Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) and the director, who seemed to give up at the end.

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They moved on to Wang Yibo (王一博) and said, “Yibo is a pretty good person and also very hard working. Even though he doesn’t know how to act, but he doesn’t come messing around.” They said the female producer really liked Wang Yibo and found all the actors and actresses she liked to film the series. There were also claims about their superior just drinking and sleeping with actresses. He criticized his casting team for not knowing how to choose people.

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The “Legend of Fei” production team issued a statement refuting the claims made by this person. They stated this person claiming to be an assistant director is actually an extra from the series. They said all the claims made by this person are false. The team expressed Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo always had a professional, diligent, and dedicated work ethic and worked earnestly to complete each scene.

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While the series has practically trended every day, it has been plagued with a lot of negative news. The series only has a 5.9 rating on Douban. There were also criticisms about the voice actors dubbing Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo not being suitable for their characters. Netizens found the actors’ original voices were much better when a clip was leaked of Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo with their own voices. Yu Zheng had also shaded the voice actor, Hu Liangwei, for Wang Yibo’s character, “Xie Yun”, when he asked him on a show whether he was getting attacked by Wang Yibo’s fans. Hu Liangwei said he was actually getting a lot of encouragement from Wang Yibo’s fans and wasn’t bullied either. Yu Zheng later apologized due to the backlash from netizens saying he was rude and unprofessional.

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At one point during filming, there were speculations Zhao Liying was unhappy with the production and the script being completely different from the novel. While she never directly addressed it, Zhao Liying’s fan club backed up the claims and tagged the official “Legend of Fei” Weibo account to address their concerns and demands. There was also a rumor from someone claiming to be Wang Yibo’s body double alleging Wang Yibo’s company was being a big shot and made everyone wait. The rumors ended up saying Wang Yibo was acting like a big shot, which was refuted by the production team.

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  1. I found the voices annoying and it makes the actress sound squeaky and out of pace with the situation. Later heard that the voices were dubbed and someone else’s voice was used. Similar to other comments here, I found it strange, that the dubbing was not done by the casts. Like the out of synch dubbing of the voices, this drama gives an out of synch feeling and I’m watching only because of Yibo and Liying.

    1. From what I understand, in the past there wasn’t much voice dubbing but now it’s become the norm to save money. From what I heard Yibo isn’t confident he speaks proper Mandarin. They gave him a choice in Untamed but he chose to have a voice actor dub his voice. Don’t know with The Legend of Fei. They don’t want a variety of accents in the productions.

  2. so they once again said yibo was acting like a hot shot, said the same thing in the untamed. these antis just need to get their own life and move on. these are very good actors doing their best to entertain us and they are complaining wow. as for the voice dubbing, if the actors have the time to dub they can but some of them are on very tight schedules to do so.

  3. Every time Yibo or Xiao takes a stage or excels in a movie, there are people who get out of control and envy, are spiteful and always cause problems and cause false incidents just to destroy another person. Wang Yibo is unbelievable and he is increasingly high in fame and is very loved differently from anyone who wants to hate him !!!

  4. I have heard that in some locations there are so many different film companies filming scenes that it is too noisy to hear the actual voices while filming scenes. But I’m not sure why they don’t dubb it with their own voices. Maybe it’s too time consuming?

  5. Speaking of voice dubbing… Why actors in the drama, dubbed by someone else? As an international fan, i appreciate if their actual voice be heard than somebody else…just an opinion though 😊

  6. I’d rather listen to a passerby fans than to believe douban ratings by now. Antis flock that place like c*ckroaches. 😁

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