Zanilia Zhao Liying’s Post Got Netizens Speculating if She Was Voicing Out Displeasure with Production on “Legend of Fei” Set

Zanilia Zhao Liying's Post Got Netizens Speculating if She Was Voicing Out Displeasure with Production on Legend of Fei Set

Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) made her comeback in October with the series “Legend of Fei” (有翡), after taking a hiatus from giving birth to her son earlier this year. Many fans and netizens are looking forward to the series due to the original novel this series is adapted from, this being Zanilia Zhao’s comeback series, and her co-star, Wang Yibo (王一博), who is coming in hot from the success of “The Untamed” (陈情令) this past summer. However, Zanilia Zhao Liying piqued everyone’s curiosity when she posted this picture on Weibo on November 14, making netizens speculate whether she was indirectly voicing out her displeasure at the rumored production changes on the “Legend of Fei” set.

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Zanilia Zhao Liying's Post Got Netizens Speculating if She Was Voicing Out Displeasure with Production on "Legend of Fei" Set

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In the first picture, the words next to the fully loaded hamburger say “Original”. The words next to the hamburger on the bottom say, “Adaptation”. Netizens immediately speculated whether Zanilia Zhao Liying was voicing out out her frustration at changes in the “Legend of Fei” script saying, “The original hamburger looks really enticing, but the adaptation hamburger is lacking a lot of the essential contents.” Fans are worried if this analogy is true then it will affect the outcome of the work. In the end, it’s the actors who will be pushed to the front line to take the fall.

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Netizens speculate the displeasure coming from Zanilia Zhao Liying’s side stems from recent rumors going around that scenes were being added for the second female lead, Zhang Huiwen (张慧雯), although the changes don’t have much impact on the female lead’s persona. However, it’s being rumored that the third female lead, played by Zhou Jieqiong (周洁琼), is not only stealing scenes and the persona from the female lead, but a romantic storyline is forcibly being added for her character and the male lead.

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These rumors obviously haven’t been verified. Many fans and netizens are worried this drama adaptation of an iconic novel will fall into a similar fate as other dramas, where the storyline was completely changed. There might be some truth to the rumors as Zanilia Zhao Liying’s fan club made a post tagging the production crew and investors with their demands:

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  1. “Please respect the actor’s sacrifices, stop the crazy changes in a timely manner, and provide a follow up solution.
  2. Please respect the female lead’s status and treat her fairly and seriously (including but not limited to costume, props, and make up).
  3. Please seriously consider the word of mouth regarding the quality of the production, reject pouring into any behavior that will cause more crazy changes.
  4. Please respect the demands of fans and give a clear response.”

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Zanilia Zhao Liying’s fans also expressed they have respected the “Legend of Fei” crew and the production from the start, but emphasized they still haven’t heard back on any of their demands. They are looking for a peaceful resolution to this and won’t back down until their demands are met.

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