Jimmy Lin Reveals Reason for Break Up with Ruby Lin 20 Years Later

Jimmy Lin Reveals Reason for Break Up with Ruby Lin 20 Years Later

Once upon a time, Jimmy Lin (林志穎) and Ruby Lin (林心如) were the “golden couple” (金童玉女) among the Taiwan entertainment industry. The two met while filming the 1995 movie, “School Days” (校園敢死隊). It’s reported Jimmy Lin fell in love with Ruby Lin at first sight. They started dating shortly after, but because Jimmy Lin had to fulfill his conscription service, their love started to fizzle.

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After Jimmy Lin completed his service, his career took a hit. During this time though, Ruby Lin was getting popular with “My Fair Princess” (還珠格格). In the end, their relationship lasted three years. At the time, there were rumors swirling their break up was a result of Ruby Lin getting close to Alec Su (蘇有朋). She had once said in an interview, “I have good feelings towards Alec Su”. It was rumored Jimmy Lin couldn’t take Ruby Lin publicly complimenting another man in public, so he had sent a note to her while she was on set filming saying, “I want to break up with you.”

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Years later, they reunited on “Kang Xi Lai Le” (康熙來了). The two were cordial and even hugged. Even though Ruby Lin was the guest host and Jimmy Lin was the guest, they kept asking Ruby Lin questions. Jimmy Lin revealed their break up was a result of their long term distance away from each other due to filming commitments. At the time, both of them claimed they were still good friends.

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Fast forward to present day. It was recently reported by the media that Jimmy Lin revealed the real reason why Ruby Lin and him broke up in an interview. He had said, “Ruby Lin is good at everything, it’s just that her popularity with the opposite sex is so good to a point that it’s ridiculous.” Ruby Lin had once mentioned in the past that she got too close with Alec Su at that time and expressed, “Break up was inevitable. I can only blame myself for being young and insensible.”

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