Ruby Lin Dispels Rumors She was Crying over a Public Quarrel with Husband, Wallace Huo

Ruby Lin Dispels Rumors She was Crying over a Public Quarrel with Husband, Wallace Huo

Ever since Wallace Huo (霍建華) and Ruby Lin (林心如) got married, they’ve been dubbed by the media and the public as a loving and model couple. They’ve always kept a low profile when it comes to their family. Taiwanese paparazzi recently spotted Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin on an outing. The two were holding hands and seemed lovey-dovey, but later on, they were reportedly seen quarreling about something in the streets.

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According to a report by Apple Daily Taiwan on October 23, Wallace Huo was seen holding Ruby Lin’s hand and yelled, “What are you doing?!” The couple reportedly parted ways after the argument. There is a picture of Ruby Lin sitting by herself on the side of the road, in which the paparazzi said she was crying and in a daze. As it was raining that day, Ruby Lin didn’t hide from the rain at first. She reportedly kept looking around as she was afraid of being photographed.

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The paparazzi followed Ruby Lin to a local park where she sat under the shade to hide from the rain. They claim her eyes were red and swollen and shortly later got up to leave. After the couple parted ways, the paparazzi claim Wallace Huo bought food by himself and drove home directly without picking up Ruby Lin.

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After the reports came out, the Taiwanese media reached out to Ruby Lin about the rumors. She responded, “It wouldn’t happen. We were just discussing some things. Our opinions were different so our voices just got a bit louder. I also wanted to walk off the food and let it digest. I let my husband drive off himself. Ruby Lin also explained when she was hiding from the rain at the park, she was thinking about something, which made her look dazed. As the rain got heavier, she called a car to return home.

However, it was discovered Ruby Lin had deleted a picture of her and Wallace Huo that she posted on October 6.

UPDATE: Correction to say it was Wallace Huo who yelled at Ruby Lin

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3), Apple Daily TW

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  1. Editor, Pls learn some basic Chinese. It is not Ruby yelling at her hubby. It’s the other way round. It is her husband who was yelling at his poor wife.

    1. The source I got it from, which is listed in the article, said Ruby shouted “What are you doing?”. The source might be wrong, but my basic Chinese is just fine.


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