Huang Zitao Explains Why He Still Live Streams and Stays Happy in the Wake of His Father’s Passing

Huang Zitao Explains Why He Still Live Streams and Stays Happy in the Wake of His Father's Passing

It has been almost a month and a half since Huang Zitao’s (黄子韬) father, Huang Zhongdong (黄忠东), passed away. The two were really close with the elder Huang always showing support for his son. Huang Zitao stayed silent until a few days later, he mourned his father in an Instagram post and then a longer Weibo post. Since then, Huang Zitao has been going about his life as normal as he can. On October 24, he did a live stream just like he normally does and talked about his father for the first time since his passing.

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Huang Zitao and his father, Huang Zhongdong

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Huang Zitao started off saying he would “work hard to continue living on and use this sadness and turn it into a form of motivation. Meet even more good people and welcome new lives.” He also mentioned that he felt there were a lot of people thinking, “Why am I live streaming or being happy when my father just passed away?”. Huang Zitao explained, “I will never show the weak side of me in front of the public. Even during my most painful and saddest moments, I still wouldn’t tell you guys I am very sad.”

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Why? Huang Zitao explained, “Because of this identity of mine. I don’t want to transfer depressing energy. I want to tell you guys how to face this. When something like this happens to you guys, can you guys be like me and transform this sadness into motivation? This is what I want to transfer. Since I am an artist, I want to use my aura to influence even more people. I want to make you guys to become better and better because of me. This is the reason why I am alive, exist, became an artist. This is why I am Huang Zitao. It’s just that simple.”

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  1. Take care of yourself tao. It is very impressive that you have turn your sadness to happiness. Be careful. Don’t be sad for your father because he is seeing you from heaven then he will be sad also. Take care.Be safe.

  2. Thanks dad also passed away the next day of yours and I can feel the pain u going through even if we try to b strong there is a place inside us that feels lonley that no one can fill cause dad is dad no one can take his place in this life again but yeah thanks for motivation ♥️
    Let’s be strong and continue the life our dad gave us🌷

  3. I thank you for sharing this it’s something I really needed to hear ,I lost my my grandma a week ago and I feel myself shutting down.

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