Netizens Think Huang Zitao’s “Love Confession” was for Korean Singer, IU

Netizens Think Huang Zitao's Love Confession was for Korean Singer, IU

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) did another live stream on November 21 where he dropped some interesting information and piqued the interest of fans. At one point, he started talking about a girl from another country who he really loved. He said, “I really have a girl I love a lot. I really love. If she is willing, if she agrees to [be with me] tomorrow, then I will reveal her to the world tomorrow. I will immediately marry her right here. Really, I love this girl too much. I can watch her things nonstop all day, but not as a fan. I really think…she could be my girlfriend. But I can’t see her.”

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Huang Zitao lets out a big sigh and continues saying, “We are not in the same country. I sent her DMs, but in the end, she didn’t respond to me. So embarrassing! But I wouldn’t look at my DMs on Instagram either. If it weren’t for…I can’t say too much. If I say too much, you guys will check it. It’s overseas, but there’s no way.”

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Fans were immediately leaving comments saying it was a Korean girl during the livestream. Netizens started speculating the girl Huang Zitao was talking about is Korean singer, IU, much to the chagrin of Huang Zitao’s and IU’s fans. Since he didn’t mention which country the girl was from, many fans felt people were reaching and didn’t want to be dragged into it.

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However, later that night, Huang Zitao had uploaded a post with two pictures, one of himself and another of IU. He had edited the post two times and removed IU’s picture in the final version.

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The original post
The picture of IU he posted.

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The post read: “Hello? I am the big celebrity, Huang Zitao. I am on the road right now. The road is pretty slippery and it’s snowing a lot! I’m afraid I will be late. I need your help right now in transferring 600 RMB from WeChat to help me change the car to get to the film crew. Do you understand me? I salute you! Salute!” This seemed to be a punchline that Huang Zitao had constantly used before.

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The edited post without IU’s picture

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Aside from this, the clues point to IU as Huang Zitao only follows three people on Instagram, his two artists, Xu Yiyang and Shi Xitong, and Korean singer, IU.

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Huang Zitao made another post addressing fans saying he was merely just chasing a celebrity he liked. He wrote: “I am not chasing after a celebrity!!! This is a form of love. You guys don’t understand…There are times you don’t need to expose it.” It seemed like he was trolling his fans even more.

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He wrote in the comments, “Ah ah, looking at all your faces in the comments. Just looking at it, it seems like I’ve been delivering big blows and pouring cold water on you guys too much. Now the tables have turned and you guys are starting to ridicule me. This was the idea I understood. Having so much fun! Not saluting today, saluted already!” In a separate comment, he said, “Don’t take what I teach you guys to come and tackle me! Even teaching me how to cut it off.”

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When someone responded, “Okay, celebrity chaser.” He responded with a bunch of “???????”. Despite Huang Zitao’s comments saying he is not chasing after a celebrity, his fans are adamant in saying he is just a celebrity chaser.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), IU IG

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  1. As we all know that it’s not confirmed that IU’s the one TAO has a crush on since he didn’t specified it, but still I’m happy that our Taotao has found the one he loves.

  2. Are you Insane bro? ZTAO has never mentioned any artist’s name in his latest livestream. Please stop assuming thing by yourself and spreading unconfirmed info then using ZTAO’s name to go disturb the other artist. Have some respect for ZTAO, for the other artist and for yourself as well!Don’t forget that he is a human too like us. Obviously he has right to love anyone, share his feeling with us. And the point is he didn’t tell us the girl name. There are so many artist in Korea. And another point is if I like her/his post is that mean I love her? No, we have right like anyones post. And he didn’t tell that he was dm IU. Third point is If I follow someone is that mean I love her / him. No! Then why people do that to celebrity. Aren’t they Human? Ar they animal? I think those netizens see them like that.Please tell those netizens to think about it Thank you.

    1. Absolutely right… I m happy fr our Huang zi tao…. If he is happy I’m alos happy as his fans… And fans should alys support their idol and I wil alys support my idol no matter what decisions he takes ❤️

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