Old EXO Posts Found in Huang Zitao’s Reveal of His 7 Years Worth of WeChat “Moments”

Old EXO Posts Found in Huang Zitao's Reveal of His 7 Years Worth of WeChat "Moments"

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) released a new song called “Moments” on November 30. The Chinese name of the song is “朋友圈” (lit. friend circle), which refers to the “Moments” function in the Chinese social messaging app, WeChat. The function lets users share updates with their friends/contact list. Luhan and Kris Wu also helped promote his song.

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In order to promote the song, Huang Zitao said he would share all the content from his “Moments” from 2013-2020 with everyone, including certain posts that were hidden from his own friends, after people listen to his song and transfer 0 yuan.

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A few hours later, Huang Zitao kept his word and released an over 3 minute long compilation video of his “Moments”. Huang Zitao said people won’t be able to add his WeChat account and he would be deleting the video the next day and told people to cherish it. Sharp-eyed fans and netizens noticed there were some old posts of when he was still promoting as an EXO member still available.

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November 22nd post: “Last MAMA award, waited until the end and finally…”
November 26th post: “I will never forget this big award in my lifetime.”

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Top post is a picture with Luhan when they went to eat hotpot. He wrote, “Was forced to come here. Rather comply than respectfully decline. Hotpot, I actually love you.”

“Missing the days when we promoted our songs, it was very tiring, but very enriching. I don’t know from here on out whether it’ll be like then. Will just really miss it. I don’t want to leave…”

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Huang Zitao was a member of EXO from 2012 to 2015 before returning to China to develop his career. There were quite a few posts during that period, including pictures with Luhan and Sehun and posts when he was promoting as an EXO member. The post from November 4, 2014 showed a picture of a sea of EXO-Ls (EXO fandom name) holding up the fandom color in the audience and he wrote, “EXO’s ocean will keep getting brighter.” However, all posts from around 2015 were locked for his own viewing only.

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