Huang Zitao Releases Emotional Song, “Don’t Leave Me”, Dedicated to His Parents

Huang Zitao Releases Emotional Song, "Don't Leave Me", Dedicated to His Parents

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) is releasing his last EP of 2020 before the year ends. He has already released, “Don’t Leave Me” (爸妈可以不走吗), and “Moutai” (茅TAI) on December 24. On Christmas, he released “Sweet Christmas” (十二月的圣诞节), featuring Xu Yiyang (徐艺洋) and Shi Xitong (石玺彤). He will be releasing his last song of the year, “Insomnia” (失眠), on December 30.

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The song that left the deepest impression on netizens was perhaps, “Don’t Leave Me”, which is dedicated to his parents. Huang Zitao’s late father, Huang Zhongdong (黄忠东), passed away in September. Since then, Huang Zitao has publicly mourned his father and also dedicated another song, “You”, to him. The Chinese title of the song translates to, “Dad, mom, can you not leave?”. The song’s arrangement and lyrics were all composed by Huang Zitao.

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The cover art for the song is actually a drawing of Huang Zitao’s family picture. The other covert art of the track listing is also of Huang Zitao from his childhood. He was planning to release “Don’t Leave Me” first, but posted that he felt the song was too sad and decided to release it later that day.

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When the song was finally released, Huang Zitao wrote, “Dad, I really miss you…I know you can hear it. I’ve said it before, tears that fall will definitely be wiped dry. I love you. I hope…every person can cherish it. Don’t regret it when you’ve lost it.”

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