Huang Zitao Says He Has Finally Found “The Right Person” for Him

Huang Zitao Says He Has Finally Found The Right Person for Him

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) is back to troll everyone again. Last time’s admission for a girl he loved overseas on a live stream already sent everyone into a frenzy. There were speculations that he was talking about Korean singer, IU, which were met with mixed emotions, despite him never mentioning who it was. Huang Zitao was joking and trolling everyone based on his subsequent posts. Fans also took it as him just chasing his idol.

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On January 7, Huang Zitao declared he had finally found “the right person” for him. He wrote, “Dear! Let’s get married next year, I finally met the right person. Love you.”

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He included three pictures of “the right person”, which turned out to be of Huang Zitao photoshopped as a woman. Many fans and netizens praised Huang Zitao for looking very pretty as a woman.

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A fan also posted another picture in the comments and said, “There is also this picture hahahahaha! Push me up to the top (referring to her comment). Huang Zitao look at me.”

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