EXO’s Sehun Cried Watching C-Drama, “Nothing But Thirty”

EXO's Sehun Cried Watching C-Drama, Nothing But Thirty

Chinese Drama, “Nothing But Thirty” (三十而已), was a hit drama last year. The series follows the lives of three women in different walks of life approaching their 30s. It gained popularity in China for its relatable situations and realistic storylines. Many celebrities were also following the series closely.

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The series was also particularly well received in Korea, which aired on Netflix. It did so well that Korean television station, jTBC, is adapting it for Korean audiences. EXO’s Sehun was live on Instagram on January 23. He started talking about watching “Nothing But Thirty”, which made him cry. Sehun said, “I’ve recently been crazily following a drama. I don’t really watch TV dramas that much because once you watch a drama, you can’t stop. However, Netflix has a Chinese drama called “Nothing But Thirty”. I finished it yesterday. It’s an extremely good series, really good to watch…really. I cried quite a few times watching it.”

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Sehun also asked Chinese fans about the ending song for the series. He thought the song sounded very nice, but couldn’t search for it. One of his fan sites, Oh Sehun Bar, noted a fan replied to him with the song name, which he pinned during the live stream so others could find it.

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