EXO’s Sehun and Janice Wu Qian’s Movie, “CATMAN”, Finally Gets Release Date

EXO's Sehun and Janice Wu Qian's Movie, "CATMAN", Finally Gets Release Date

Before China’s “Hallyu Ban”, EXO’s Sehun had already filmed a series and a movie in China. Sehun first filmed the movie, “CATMAN” (我爱喵星人), and then the series, “Dear Archimedes” (亲爱的阿基米德), in 2016. “CATMAN” was originally scheduled to be released in Spring 2017 but was postponed due to setbacks. On March 1, there was finally some good news about “CATMAN”, as the official Weibo account announced the movie is getting a country wide release on March 14.

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The movie stars Sehun, Janice Wu Qian (吴倩), THE9’s Kiki Xu (许佳琪), and Song Weilong (宋威龙). The movie is about a teenager, “Liang Qu” (Sehun), who accidentally gets possessed by a cat’s curse. It forces him to live as a cat for at least half a day each day for nine years. Nine years later, product manager, “Miao Xiaowan” (Janice Wu), creates a cat language translator. It gets harshly criticized by animal expert, “Liang Qu”. In order to get “Liang Qu” to retract his bad review, “Miao Xiaowan” becomes his temporary assistant and learns cat language from him. The two start to develop feelings for each other. However, “Liang Qu” is told if he falls in love with a human, he will never be able to transform back into a human again.

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Credit: Weibo (1, 2)