Wang Han Reacts to Jin Xing Saying She Wouldn’t Know Wang Yibo Had it Not Been for “Day Day Up”

Wang Han Reacts to Jin Xing Saying She Wouldn't Know Wang Yibo Had it Not Been for "Day Day Up"

Wang Han (汪涵) and Wang Yibo (王一博) have a very tight bond ever since the latter joined “Day Day Up” (天天向上) in 2016 as a permanent host. Wang Han has often looked out for Wang Yibo and mentored him. Even when someone once mentioned to Wang Han that he should ask for some favors from Wang Yibo for assisting his career, Wang Han thought for a long time and said, “I thought about it for half a day and I’ve never helped them with anything.” So when Chinese celebrity dancer and TV personality, Jin Xing (金星), said she wouldn’t have known who Wang Yibo was if it wasn’t for “Day Day Up”, Wang Han came to his defense.

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On the October 23rd episode of the fifth season of “Mars Intelligence Agency” (火星情报局5), Jin Xing was a guest. One of the topics they talked about was artists having representative works. Jin Xing, who is known for her blunt personality and “sharp” tongue, started saying that a lot of artists nowadays have no representative works, but can still become high volume celebrities. She explains this is normal as it’s developing with the times. However, she hoped these young stars could focus on perfecting their craft, whether it’s singing, dancing, or acting.

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She continued saying, “I’ll give you an example. I’m not afraid of offending people. When talking about Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞), I try to recollect, is he singing or what? I can’t find anything.” This comment elicits a lot of stunned responses from the audience. Jin Xing continues saying, “What I am saying is the truth. There are no negative connotations. I am saying this as a qianbei (senior), without any negative connotations.” Jin Xing explains that since these young stars have such high exposure and volume, they should take advantage of it quickly and come out with a representative work or they run the risk of being eliminated by new faces, their company, or the market in two years.

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It turns out there was a follow up clip from Jin Xing’s speech that was cut from the actual episode in which she said, “Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) is very outstanding right now. Wang Yibo, I know him, without “Day Day Up”, how would I know Wang Yibo?”.

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Wang Han immediately responds, “No, no, no. Yibo is still very good. Yibo dances extremely well.”

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Jin Xing jumps in and says, “But the recognition he got is from “Day Day Up”. Wang Han responds, “No, no, ‘The Untamed’ (陈情令) is also extremely great. He really has a representative work.” The others chime in that he does have a representative work and Jin Xing seems convinced.

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Wang Han has always seen the potential in Wang Yibo. Back in July, Wang Han was asked why Wang Yibo was able to achieve so much at a young age. He responded, “When asking why he can, I think there is another question to ask, that is why can’t he? He has talent. He added his own efforts, added his own hard work. Each person’s success isn’t determined by one factor. There are a lot of factors.”

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  1. I don’t know who she is… As I m not a regular C-Drama follower… But I can say u one thing man… We Uniqorns are still strong… And our baby maknae… Is more famous than u can imagine.. 😎😎the untamed.. The legend of Fei… The 5th position in most handsome face for 2yrs continuosly 😎😎😎u should chk social media bfr saying against him😤

  2. Sorry miss I don’t you if not of Wang yibo so….not every success happen just because of luck it also depend on hard work…and dedication….Love my WYB

  3. Lol. I know who Jin Xing is just know ’cause of Yibo since she mentioned him. If it wasn’t for Yibo and Wang Han, i wouldn’t know her. Haha.

  4. I agree with her talking about how young idols should try to come out with representative work, it’s important. But I think she failed to take into consideration that they do. It seems she’s very biased towards idols

  5. So basically what this woman is saying is. You’re not famous and good at what your doing unless “I” know who you are. In my opinion that’s kind of a self centered view of things. I mean, I might not particularly like or know alot about a certain celebrity, but im still aware of them being famous.

      1. Seems to me move how quickly they came to fame and possibly the time and doors shut in her face to get where she is. She needs to hate the game not the players. Lol. Social media is a huge way to get yourself and whatever project your working out there for the world to grab ahold to. Imo.

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