Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, and Victoria Song Announced as Leads for Costume Drama, “Fengqi Luoyang”

Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, and Victoria Song, Announced as Leads for Costume Drama, Fengqi Luoyang

After much rumors and speculations in the past few months, iQiyi finally announced Huang Xuan (黄轩), Wang Yibo (王一博), and Victoria Song Qian (宋茜) as the leads of a new costume drama, “Fengqi Luoyang” (风起洛阳). The literal translation of the series name is “Wind rising from Luoyang”. The series is based off of the novel, “Luoyang” (洛阳), by famed novelist, Ma Boyong (马伯庸), who also wrote the novel, “The Longest Day In Chang’an” (长安十二时辰). However, “Luoyang” hasn’t even come out yet. It’s reported the novel will be released the same time as the series.

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According to Ma Boyong, the story takes place in Luoyang, the ancient capital during the era of the 13 dynasties. It will talk about the conspiracy to overthrow Empress Wu Zetian, the only female empress in Chinese history to take reign of a dynasty.

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Original poster for “Fengqi Luoyang”

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There is a character description circulating for Wang Yibo’s character, “Baili Hongyi” (百里弘毅). The character is said to be 22 years old and the second son of an influential aristocratic family. “Baili Hongyi” is described to be very smart and wise, but has a heart of stone and is a heartless person. He is only interested about the unknown in the world and hard to solve problems. He is said to have strong logical thinking abilities, which allow him to use tiny details that normal people cannot see and evidence to assess the situation and uncover the truth. He also finds a lot of joy in this.

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Wang Yibo costume fitting as “Baili Hongyi”

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“Baili Hongyi” keeps to himself and says what’s on his mind. He can be quiet and gentle, but can also hurt people with his words. His only principal is, “Only do the right thing.” His older brother forces him to go into politics, but he finds the scheming and alliances among the court officials an interesting challenge. He also has a renewed hate/grudge with teammate, “Gao Bingzhu”, but he is also the person who understands him the most.

Huang Xuan plays “Gao Bingzhu” (高秉烛), a bad deputy marshal who hangs out in the lower rungs of society in Luoyang. He gets entangled in the murder of a secret informant and eventually gets framed as the murderer.

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Huang Xuan costume fitting as “Gao Bingzhu”

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Huang Xuan and Wang Yibo worked together before when the latter guested on the variety show, “Let’s Sacalaca!” (夏日冲浪店). Upon Wang Yibo’s departure, the two said they would like to work together again if there was an opportunity.

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Huang Xuan and Wang Yibo agreeing to work together in the future

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Victoria Song plays “Wu Siyue” (武思月) who also comes from an influential family. She is a palace guard and in order to carry out her duties, she gets close to “Gao Bingzhu”. However, she realizes the murder case is not as it seems. The two of them can’t stand the sight of each other, but must stay together to uncover the truth. They join forces with “Baili Hongyi” as he is investigating the death of his father, who was poisoned.

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Fans have already created trailers and graphics in anticipation of the series. The series will reportedly start filming on October 25 and be 40 episodes long.

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  1. Don’t spread unnecessary rumours and spark a war. All is good. Yibo is good. Xiao Zhan is good. HX is good . Victoria is good. They are all friends. No fans are fightings. MTJJ wouldn’t do anything that will upset yibo anymore. So stop hinting at any negative rumours. Thank you.

  2. HX is going to regret ever accepting to work with wyb, the way this is going with his fans and the screenwriter. Poor guy, established actor and he has to go through this bs for an idol. Smh.

      1. They are attacking HX, saying how it is Yibo who should be the sole main lead because he is so popular and then one person exposed a part of a private correspondence with one of the screenwriters, who said in it the production (that is in favor of HX as the ml) thought to surpress Yibo and that they, the writer, don’t have much say in casting. This is really terrible behavior, especially as Chinese entertainment industry is extremely sensitive to the issue of main leads. Oh and this article is wrong. Victoria is no longer on the casting line up and her fans also fought Yibo’s.

        1. What part of the article is wrong? What do you mean “Victoria is no longer on the casting line up”? She was announced as one of the leads along with Huang Xuan and Wang Yibo.

          The official Weibo post on 10/22 wrote: “Male Lead: Huang Xuan, Wang YIbo, Female Lead: Song Qian”.

    1. Yibo hater (or should I say Xiao Zhan fan?) spotted. Still upholding that toxic fandom label I see. Why don’t you people stay in your lanes and just support your idol. The efforts ya’ll put into slandering Yibo all over the web.

  3. As a foreigner, Where can I read the novel ‘Luoyang’ online? it will be really helpful for me.

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