Song Weilong Asked if He is Dating Victoria Song in Real Life

Song Weilong Asked if He is Dating Victoria Song in Real Life

Everyone is getting into Song Weilong (宋威龙) mania due to his character, “Yuan Song”, in the hit drama, “Find Yourself” (下一站是幸福). Song Weilong has a 10 year age difference in a “jiedi lian” (姐弟恋, older woman-younger man relationship) with Victoria Song (宋茜) in the series. Many fans have fell for the onscreen couple due to their sweet interactions in the series. Perhaps their acting is too believable as a particular celebrity’s mother asked the burning question that has been on the mind of many fans. She asked Song Weilong if he is dating Victoria Song in real life.

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Hunan TV aired a new show today translated as “Hey! What Are You Doing?” (嘿!你在干嘛呢) that is hosted by the “Happy Camp” hosts. During Li Weijia’s (李维嘉) segment, he and his mother had a video chat with Song Weilong. Li Weijia’s mother is a big fan of “Find Yourself”. So when they connected with Song Weilong, the first thing she said was, “In the series, you guys are a couple. In real life, are you guys also a couple? Are you guys dating?”. Song Weilong shyly responds, “In real life, no. Good friends. In real life, we are good friends.”

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Mama Li was persistent and continued to ask him, “Is there a possibility of you guys becoming a couple? Will definitely become a couple. I’m guessing. A lot of people act as couples in the series and afterwards become a real life couple.” Li Weijia is having the time of his life seeing his mother fan girl and put Song Weilong on the spot. Song Weilong laughs and once again shakes his head and says, “No, no. Just good friends.”

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Li Weijia then says to Song Weilong, “My mother says “jiedi lian” is specially trendy nowadays.” Mama Lee adds, “Jiedi (lian) is popular.” Song Weilong then responds back in a serious tone, “Right. Actually, I think if you like it, anything is fine. Age doesn’t matter. I think if you like a person, it doesn’t matter.”

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So ladies, if you are older than Song Weilong (b. 1999), you have a chance. Although he is rumored to be dating a model right now, Song Weilong seems to be a lady killer of all ages.

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  1. Song Wei Long and Victoria Song seems like they have good chemistry together, act well, fooled us lol, thought they are a real couple, or can be lol xxxx

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