Emily Qi’s Older Brother Seemingly Addresses New Dating Rumors with Wang Yibo

Emily Qi's Older Brother Seemingly Addresses New Dating Rumors with Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo (王一博) has been rumored to be dating heiress, Emily Qi (綦美合), on three occasions since 2018. All three times, Wang Yibo’s management company, Yuehua Entertainment, have come out to deny the rumors and stated he was single. Emily Qi’s friend had also clarified they weren’t dating before. However, dating rumors between the two started circulating again on Weibo recently.

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A netizen claims Wang Yibo and Emily Qi spent this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) together, which landed on August 25. They claimed Emily Qi flew to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan where Wang Yibo was filming at the time. They alleged there was boarding information from scalpers that showed Emily Qi flew to Xishuangbanna on August 22 and then returned to Beijing on August 27. While Wang Yibo was filming “Being A Hero” in Xishuangbanna during that time, there are no pictures or evidence showing Emily Qi was there or with Wang Yibo.

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On November 8, Emily Qi’s older brother, Qi Zhenkang (綦振慷), seemingly responded to the rumors on Weibo, saying, “Is this another marketing company using this to block some artist’s negative news again?” Yuehua Entertainment hasn’t responded to the rumors at this time.

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Emily Qi and her older brother, Qi Zhenkang

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3), CunMan

18 thoughts on “Emily Qi’s Older Brother Seemingly Addresses New Dating Rumors with Wang Yibo

  1. kkkk nem é de se levar a sério essa louca herdeira. Ela diz que namora todos famosos e ainda os persegul mesmo eles sendo casados. Um dos escândalos foi com um casal de famosos que ela causou o maior problema dizendo que namorava o cara, muito bem casado e descobriu-se daí todas mentiras dela. Já fez isso com muitos astros. Ela é rica e faz de propósito porque o pai é principal representante de marcas caras do pais. Ela inventa muitos namoros e até perseguiu Yibo de uma forma que ele teve de usar guarda costas para ela ficar longe dele. Ela comprava passagens de voos onde ele ia e tirava fotos dele escondidas dizendo que ele estava com ela, depois descobriram que ela que forjava tudo.

  2. Hahaha seriously several comments support their relationship hahaha, you are not Chinese so you do not know what kind of scandals Meihe has, I think they do not know what kind of girl she is, she wanted to dating with other celebrities like Kris wu and Chen fei Yu, also she was not only in love with Yibo but also with Yi yang qianxi, also she freely insulted the common girls calling us farmers, also harassed and insulted Ouyang Nana because Meihe was jealous of her, possibly Meihe and Yibo have had a relationship before, but now she only wants to use him, that search was not bought for a company, it was bought for Meihe .

  3. I’m also a big fan of wang yibo but dat doesn’t mean he needs to be single… it’s der personal life i don’t know y they should be like this 😭

  4. Those busyboddy fans should leave yibo alone. It his life freedom to hang out with who ever he want. He meeting he make friend he hang out it his busines and not fans busines to busybody. Who has big mouth to busybody other just to get money to feed their own mouth it disgusting. Those engertaiment or page who mKe living from big mouthing an actors is realy disgusting.

  5. weirdo fans… if he’s single, it’s fine but if he’s really dating, that’s his personal life. Let him enjoy and
    stop meddling with it. They have no obligations explaining everything to y’all. Get a life.

    1. Does it matter if he’s dating or not? Let the man live his life. SOME of these fans need to get it thru their thick skulls that what he does in his personal life is not their business.
      Anyway, I’m looking forward to “Being A Hero” and “Legend of Fei”.

  6. Bruh peoole need to learn that just because ( if true) celebrities hang out with eachother, doesn’t mean they’re dating. Some fans are really childish. If they’re dating it’s really nobodies business.

  7. Ouch!It’s breaks my heart if that’s true… But if that’s true i hope he will be happy..i dont want him to get hurt by that girl.. His still young he shld. concentrate on his career 1st…Isn’t it hard hving a girlfrend richer that u? Just asking…😐😐

    1. Hahaha.. Walang katapusang issue na ito kakaloka pasalamat na lng c girl anak mayaman siya but syill i dont like her di pa rin magandang ugali niya promise dami nya past issue dati dahil sa ugali niya…di siya deserving para kay dodong yibo ah kakaloka balita to nonsense

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