Wang Yibo and Heiress, Emily Qi, Embroiled in Dating Rumors Again

Wang Yibo and Heiress, Emily Qi, Embroiled in Dating Rumors Again

Netizens have been in heavy debate over alleged evidence of Wang Yibo (王一博) dating an heiress, Emily Qi (綦美合), over the past few days. Wang Yibo fans and Xiao Zhan-Wang Yibo CP fans took turns debating over the supposed evidence showing the two are dating. The two were first rumored last year when netizens claimed Wang Yibo was pursuing Emily Qi. Wang Yibo’s company, Yuehua Entertainment, immediately issued an official statement denying the rumors. However, this time around, they still haven’t responded to it. There were multiple topics surrounding the two trending on Weibo today.

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Wang Yibo and Heiress, Emily Qi, Embroiled in Dating Rumors Again

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Emily Qi is an heiress to the Sparkle Roll Group Limited (耀萊集團), which is in the business of bringing luxury brands to China. She is 19 years old and stands around 176 cm. Rumors have been going around that she recently got into SM Entertainment’s modeling division to be a trainee.

“Legend of Fei” Crew Defends Wang Yibo over Rumors He Acted like a Big Shot on Set

Exhibit A

Wang Yibo’s sasaeng fans claim this is a video of him on a flight scrolling through a WeChat message between him and Emily Qi. They claim it’s Wang Yibo and Emily Qi based on the “evidence” below:

Watch the video here:

Yuehua Entertainment Addresses Wang Yibo’s Dating Rumors

Wang Yibo and Heiress, Emily Qi, Embroiled in Dating Rumors Again

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Wang Yibo and Heiress, Emily Qi, Embroiled in Dating Rumors Again
The right photo is supposedly a picture Emily Qi posted on her IG.

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Exhibit B

Netizens claim Wang Yibo recently changed his Instagram account name to match Emily Qi’s.

Xiao Zhan Dedicates Birthday Post to Wang Yibo and Fan Girls are Going Crazy

Exhibit C

The last straw for many Wang Yibo fans are the matching sneakers. Netizens claim the second picture is of Wang Yibo and Emily Qi that was supposedly posted on Emily Qi’s other account. The third picture was posted by Emily Qi’s fan club that was retrieved from her actual account. Netizens claim the second picture can be further proof due to the selfie of Wang Yibo from the same account in the fourth picture. Some netizens claim the account is just an ordinary person and not Emily Qi’s.

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Emily Qi’s Older Brother Seemingly Addresses New Dating Rumors with Wang Yibo

Many Wang Yibo’s fans are conflicted about the rumors with some saying they will stop being his fan. They are battling it out with netizens each day to prove/disprove the dating rumors with their own evidence. Some netizens believe there might be some truth to the rumors as Wang Yibo nor his company have yet to address the rumors this time around. A netizen also brought up Wang Yibo once mentioned on a show that he wouldn’t disclose his relationships to the public.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Tencent

39 thoughts on “Wang Yibo and Heiress, Emily Qi, Embroiled in Dating Rumors Again

  1. 팩트는, 그가 누구와 연애하던 안하던, 결혼하던 안하던간에, 이성애자건,동성애자건, 양성애자건간에,,,, you !! ~ 당신은 절대 아닐거라는 겁니다. 제발 아름답고 멋진 펜으로 남아주세요.
    본인을 사랑하는 삶을 살지않는 사람은 누구도 제대로 사랑해주지 않습니다.

  2. yall annoying af like HE DOESN’T KNOW YOUR HERE and if he’s dating OK ITS NOT LIKE YOU HAD A CHANCE LIKE SIT DOWWWNNNN if you really want a chance with Yibo then get a pillow and dream BC ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, If yall think yall so called FANS your not your mad at the next girl that Yibo is going to date MARRY AND HAVE KIDS, if yall don’t want him to be happy then yall not FANS

  3. Yall seriously overanalyze everything way too much. Lmao even to the point that you say he changed his username to look like Emily’s??? There’s so many people who have usernames like that lmao. I guess everyone who has their name like that is dating each other then?

  4. Emily: I’m a millionaire, I can buy any idol or actor that I like, be it Kris wu, Yi yangqianxi, Chen fei yu, Yibo, etc. , the fans are just farmers who help raise money, don’t waste your time since they will never notice you, Yibo likes motorcycles and my father’s company sells them, I already have it in my hands, if I couldn’t with Chen fei yu if I can with Yibo and cajole him … I like to get in trouble, eyelashes and diamonds
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  5. Yibo can date anyone he wants. He owes nothing to anyone. You can even marry Xiao Zhan if they want to. This spoiled girl is an heiress known for stalking artists she wants to date, even if that artist is already committed. So she is not a person who takes herself seriously. It has power and money and can forge many lies.
    She, too, was behind Kris Wu before, intimidated Ouyang Nana because she was in love with Chen Fey Yo, finally tried to get Yi Yang Qianshi to notice her by chasing her on social media. His obsession with Yibo follows the same line. She is a sasaeng.

    1. Of so many girls in the world, Yibo had to have scandals with her, Emily is a millionaire sasaeng who wants to be a celebrity, she wants to become known to date idols, since she is a sasaeng who chases Exo (especially Kris Wu) , Emily was also involved with Chen fei yu and was even obsessed with him, she cyberbulled Ouyang Nana and wanted to try to flirt with Yi yang Qianxi, I hate people like her.

    2. He can date who he wants to that’s for sure but I just wish idols wouldn’t get bombarded with every single they do and get accused of something the second they breathe. Leave them be.

  6. First of all That selfie pic doesn’t even look like yibo to me!🙄and second of all it could have been anyone on that plane and why would yibo have his own wechat screenshot on his phone?? 🤔

  7. I really support that Yibo has a girlfriend, he is a human too, but the reason why the Chinese fans got mad that he was dating Emily qi (Qi meihe), she insulted the fans by calling them farmers and that all the handsome boys were hers Do you know what kind of person Emily is ??? .. well if you don’t know I will tell you, this girl Emily is a millionaire looking to date male celebrities for example she was behind Kris Wu and even intimidated Ouyang Nana for Chen Fei yu (Emily was in love with him) and tried that Yi Yang Qianxi noticed her through her social networks, after her scandal with Yibo, she closed all her social networks and went to SM to debut as a model, if she does not like you she would simply humiliate you as she did with the fans just pir Having power and money, now I ask you, is this the kind of girl you want for Yibo? …it’s up to you

      1. I’m impressed!!
        This is not Emily first scandal, This girl has a great scandal resume.
        1st Scandal: That I remember in 2014 she chased the Exo guys like a real Sassaeng in their Backstage during their first concert in China, the Chinese exols got so angry and told her to leave Exo alone, she was also obsessed with Kris Wu (Wu yi fan) always posted photos of Kris on her Weibo, after Kris left Exo, his rich father made him sign for his company (Yaolai Grup) … I think everything can be done with money.
        2nd Scandal: When she and her friend Wang Wen (heiress of Huayi Brothers) insulted the fans on Weibo, they said that they should not be deluded with idols, because all those handsome boys were hers.
        3rd Scandal: The Love Triangle between Emily, Chen fei yu and Ouyang Nana, In 2017 Ouyang Nana and Chen fei Yu were filming a movie “Secret Fruit”, Emily took an interest in Chen fei yu and approached Ouyang Nana through a friend to help him conquer Chen fei yu, Nana as a good friend tried to help her, but Chen fei yu had no interest in Emily and he liked Ouyang Nana more, from that Emily was furious and intimidated Ouyang Nana cybernetically with her friends insulted her and threw her out of their circle of friends.
        4th eacandal: I copied Ouyang Nana, on her clothes and in her publications.
        5th scandal: She tried to get the attention of Jackson Yee (Yi Yangqian Xi) a famous idol of TFBoys through Instagram and Weibo, when realizing this, Qian xi’s fans got angry and scolded her on Weibo.
        6th Scandal: The rumored dates with Yibo since 2018.
        Now with this resume listing she wants to debut in SM, I won’t support her if she gets to debut .

        1. I’ve heard these stories about her too.She seems like a rich spoilt princessy brat.While I support yibo in any relationship he chooses to be in, I hope the rumors weren’t true cos I like to think yibo has greater sensibility and better taste than this.

        2. I already knew about the cyberbullying to Ouyang Nana, Emily did not only insult Ouyang Nana but also the fans in general calling them idol farmers, the best part is that Ouyang Nana gave Emily what she deserved when exploded her scandal with Wang Yibo, another scandal Emily additionally is that she also sold counterfeit clothes on Taobao, she excused herself saying that she did not have time to design clothes haha ​​but from what I see she did have time to chase Wang Yibo haha ​​she changes boys every time she wants … .I wonder who will be her new prey ???

  8. I respect Yibo and Xiao… if them love each other’s then what should you do to stop both of them? I’m not ship but I fallen in love to YiZhan since I saw both of them look sweet smile when meet together. That’s all🥰🥰🥰🥰

  9. I have mixed feelings for this. Maybe because I’m a BL fan and I ship YiZhan so hard. Yibo seems to dislike skinship women too so we just can’t assume he’s straight even though he’s not gay. It’s selfish to say but I would feel so hurt if he is really dating her, first time rumor may be fake but the second time? I hope this is really just a rumor and YueHua Ent will deny this as soon as possible

    1. Si realmente eres fan de Yibo yo creo que deberían dejarlo ser feliz y te digo esto porque haga lo que haga Yibo yo siempre lo apoyaré con tal de que sea feliz con lo que hace
      Siempre lo animaré y respetare su vida privada , aunque muchas lo queremos solo
      Pero el tambien es una persona y tiene todo el derecho a hacer lo que quiere y tener lo que quiere en la vida
      Sea o no verdad ese rumor , como buenas fans deberíamos apoyarlo en sus decisiones
      El siempre va a tomar una buena decisión para vivir bien y lo aceptare si es cierto el rumor
      Se que mi palabra es solo una esquina del mundo pero para mi es muy valioso
      No entiendo porque critican a los ídolos por salir con una chica , eso es muy molesto 😠
      Solo le deseo lo mejor del mundo a mi bebe ✨♥️

    2. You also can’t assume that he is gay. It’s equally wrong. What’s wrong with you? Oo
      And he can date whoever he wants. It’s his choice

  10. Some of y’all are hilarious let the boy live he has every right to date whoever he wants he’s not a play toy, I hope the day will come when young people will be able to differentiate reel from real. Anyways good luck yibo I’ll always support you in your projects please do whatever makes you happy<3

    1. Yep I agree, whatever Yibo does I’ll still love him. And yes, everyone could everyone just leave him alone and let him live his life? Why can’t he have a girlfriend?

  11. Don’t believe this bullshit. WYB’s company denied it a few times already and I’ve heard from other netizens that they’re taking legal action against the people responsible for spreading the fake news. It’s highly possible that someone jealous of his fame fabricated these so-called evidences to damage his reputation. And what can I say, if you’re turning your back on him just because of some malicious rumors and say that you will stop being his fan, then you never were a real fan in the first place.


  12. One thing that I know, you can’t force a sexuality.. as a BL lover, I am kind of disappointed that some of us forget that, if yibo and xiazhan are not gay then they will definitely date woman, but until both says nothing let’s not assume anything, honestly, whoever they are going to end up with, it will be neither of us, so love them and support them like how we always do…

    1. sometimes I really have mixed feeling.. I dont know what happened behind the camera but sometimes Yibo and Xiaozhan action, some proof that chinese fans spotted made me believe Yibo and Xiaozhan are more than Fri.. I knew Yibo and XiaoZhan not gay but that doesnt mean they cant date… n Yibo seem to dislike skinship women alot ….. sometimes I got headaches because of this.. being BL fans is so hard… anyway I still support them nomatter what happend or whoever they date..

      1. Same here. It’s like I want them so much to be together that I feel so bad when they are paired with other girls. They might not be gay, but who knows, they might not be straight too. No one knows until they’ve confirmed. For now, I know it’s bad, but I’ll just keep on assuming YiZhan is real until proven wrong. Dating girl rumors will be ignored. YiZhan, I’m so obsessed with you! What to do?

      2. I really hate fans that try to dictate their idol’s life. It’s one thing to love and worship them but trying to dictate whether or not they can date and how they should live their life is just too much.

        There are certain idols I love which yes I do feel a bit hurt if I hear they’re dating but I’ll also be happy for them and still continue to support them. The most heartbreaking thing is to find out their relationship ended because of fan backlash and cyber bullying.

  13. He is an actor so what,, at first he is an human and he have the right to love someone,,. Though he date with someone, we will always be his fan

  14. Es joven después de todo y si le va bien suerte por el ,quien dice que Xiao Zhan también nos salga con una novia 😔 es una lástima que no se haga realidad el wuaxian pero me quedo con untamet y lo fanfic. Igual yo los voy a seguir shipeando😁😁

  15. Am happy for Yibo. The kid has a right to date whoever he likes and it is not our business to approve or disapprove

    1. Well this rumor sure made Xiao zhan and yibo OTP’s fans on fire …..some of sasaeng are really something if it’s related to their bias huh…hei hei hei 😂😂😂

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