“Legend of Fei” Crew Defends Wang Yibo over Rumors He Acted like a Big Shot on Set

"Legend of Fei" Crew Defends Wang Yibo over Rumors He Acted like a Big Shot on Set

Wang Yibo (王一博) is currently filming “Legend of Fei” (有翡) with actress, Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖). Fans are looking forward to the drama as this is a series based on a popular novel of the same name written by, “Priest”, a popular novelist. There were recent rumors circulating online from a netizen claiming to be Wang Yibo’s body double. This netizen made accusations saying, “Wang Yibo’s company is acting like a big shot”. The rumors went viral to a point where the crew of “Legend of Fei” had to come out and defend Wang Yibo.

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"Legend of Fei" Crew Defends Wang Yibo over Rumors He Acted like a Big Shot on Set

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The netizen claiming to be Wang Yibo’s body double shared a post through his Friends’ Circle on Weibo. The post claims, “Being Wang Yibo’s body double, already helped him go over the scenes one time already. We already went through it and Wang Yibo’s company acting like a big shot, only came after half a day later. As for us nobodies, we had to squander until dawn.” This person didn’t mention which projects of Wang Yibo’s he participated in, but he is currently only filming, “Legend of Fei”.

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"Legend of Fei" Crew Defends Wang Yibo over Rumors He Acted like a Big Shot on Set

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The rumors got so out of hand that the “Legend of Fei” crew had to issue a statement today refuting the claims and defended Wang Yibo. They expressed the following:

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“TV series, ‘Legend of Fei’, is currently filming. Thank you everyone for your attention and support in ‘Legend of Fei’ all along. Recently, the crew discovered some false information being circulated online. With regards to this, we issue the following statement:

“Legend of Fei” Team Denies Complaints about the Cast and Crew From Someone Claiming to be an Assistant Director on the Series

  1. Since the beginning of filming for ‘Legend of Fei’, all cast members have always maintained a serious and responsible attitude during filming. The widely spread leaked photos on the internet is the same as pirating. Hope everyone rejects leaked spoilers. Only official release of all information and materials will be accurate.
  2. The entire cast of ‘Legend of Fei’ is very diligent, dedicated, and professional. In regards to ‘Wang Yibo acting like a big shot’ and other discussions, they are all groundless rumors. Please don’t believe what you hear and spread it.
  3. Respect each actor. Don’t let rumors erase their dedication and the efforts they invested into filming.

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Looking forward to ‘Legend of Fei’ meeting everyone.”

"Legend of Fei" Crew Defends Wang Yibo over Rumors He Acted like a Big Shot on Set

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In order to quell the rumors, many of Wang Yibo’s fans gathered a lot of posts from his brands and crew members to prove that everyone who has worked with him before have nothing but good things to say about him. They often say, “He is really outstanding.”, “Especially kind, especially nice.”

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13 thoughts on ““Legend of Fei” Crew Defends Wang Yibo over Rumors He Acted like a Big Shot on Set

  1. Wang Yibo although young is more than incredible. He is fearlessly always testing his own limits and always wins !! Even though he is not the best singer he goes and does very well !! He’s just phenomenal. Anyone who has seen him run and win on a motorcycle racing track, dancing the perfect version of Versarce on the floor knows that it was pure genius. Few people in the world own it like Yibo. Beauty, infinite talents and humility. Perfection.!!!

  2. Wang Yibo has always been working very hard since he was a teenager. He left China for South Korea and lived away from his family.

    In an interview with the geges a magazine asked what was the factor of Yibo having been so successful at such a young age. Yibo’s notoriety surpassed that of his TV colleagues.

    Han Ge said there are several factors that it was not just one. In addition to talent, efforts and hard work. So why can’t he?

    Oscar Qian replied that Yibo was the type of person who does not take his problems to others. He definitely doesn’t count how difficult things are for him. you just see the glamorous side of a person’s success, you may not understand the hard work he puts behind the scenes.

    Zhang Wei said that he has it all because he is amazing. Because I’ve seen a lot of people dance. There is a type of person that when he dances or goes on stage, he naturally has that cool aura we call 365 degrees without blind spots. Wang Yibo is that kind of person.

    So whoever wants to get rid of Yibo needs to be better than him or have worked so hard and have so many people who defend him too and not some envious person who doesn’t know how to do anything else wants more attention than he deserves. Yibo is under no obligation to treat a stuntman who wants attention differently from others, I don’t know why!

  3. No wang yibo can’t act as a big shot. Even if he did duh!!!!! It’s bcoz he is a BIG SHOT. Now how many actors or MCs could you find on TV that are as talented, handsome and chic??? He is ruling the industry yet he is just 22.most of us don’t manage to even graduate by then. Wuji fandom trusts him and we stand by him forever. 💜

  4. I believe the dude. wyb even took around one and half month off shoot in the untamed, his company got him to play lwj and when asked why he took it, he said because it was a popular character. Why would someone cast a short thin dude with no expression to play such a huge character? He was evidently non-cooperative with other cast and director as well.

    Untamed only cast him coz of Lehua’s pressure which they are still doing, his body double in the untamed was also used too much. The guy even has pictures with Xiao Zhan. While everybody worked hard and yibo must be as well but he is definitely not as involved considering he keeps shooting ads and variety despite being the lead.

    Even untamed has very few but exaggerated publicity scenes with him. Lehua always brings it non-culture wherever it goes.

    1. Do you have proud that he isn’t hard working? I disagree with whatever you claim. LWJ’s role has few lines and uses many expressions, and it is hard to get the right expression required. As a drama kids, I find it hard to do what he does. He does many fighting scenes so of course the body double it’s used frequently. He gets along with the other The Untamed cast so I don’t see how he is uncooperative.

    2. I said this not because I want to protect him.. but I follow him since before he cast as Lan WangJi. He is a hard working person and trained to become idol since young age. Moreover he always serious with his work. He also got many scratch and Bruises on his body for practice so hard. As his fans I can say his personality is different from others Idol or actors cuz he always talks something true and what he want to say. He rather talk true than pleasure people with lie that why there are people who love him & people who hate him. People have different ideas but it cant change the fact that Wang Yibo is a hard Working person : ) …

    3. Lmao stop spreading rumors, when did he mention that he was a bigshot while he was working for untamed? Every single actor got days and weeks off throughout the filming period. Everyone mentioned how hardworking and polite he is to others while working with him. Is he a bit cold and distant initially to people? Yes, but he is a trainee and he has utmost discipline in whatever he does, stop trying to twist stuff to make it seem like something its not lmao effing anti fans.

    4. @Oso: I’m a bit late to the party, but after reading your comment, there are some things on my mind. Hope you don’t mind my sharing them. First of all, Wang Yibo wasn’t the only one shooting ads, and it’s not that unlikely he didn’t have much of a say in it anyway. Besides, ads are work as well, and they help promote the project and sponsors, so everyone profits from it. Secondly, he got sick while they were filming. As far as I understood, he even went to the hospital. What would you have liked him to do? Clench his jaws and keep going? Maybe pass it on to the rest of the crew? Also, “no expression”? Mate, I’m sorry, but if there was any character whose expressions carried weight, it was Lan Wangji. Furthermore, I don’t understand your point about the body double having taken pictures with Xiao Zhan. Body doubles taking pictures with the main cast isn’t unusual at all — well, at least not in western film industry; might be different in China, I’ll admit to not knowing all that much about that. Can you perhaps give us interviews or any evidence at all to support your claiming that he didn’t get along with the director/the cast? And finally, what’s wrong with taking a role because the character is popular? Lots of actors do just that because it’s a challenge to bring a well-liked character to life, and Wang Yibo really put in the work. There’s not a moment in the show when I doubted his performance, and that is quite impressive, considering that due to the small amount of lines he had, he mainly had to rely on gestures and mimics. Would you have preferred him to think of a lie when he was asked for the reason why he took the role? Is being honest such an unlikeable trait? Personally, I prefer it to pointless sugar-coating, but well. tastes differ. Anyway, sorry about the rant (just had to let it out) and stay safe, wherever you are.

    5. Can you kindly show us the proof of everything you said?
      The director of CQL herself said that WYB is her best choice to play LWJ. FYI, Yibo has been declined twice when he send his picture for CQL’s audition, yet he still persistent and went to the audition him self. He got the role of LWJ with his own effort.
      Also, yes, LWJ is a popular character, as same as the book. BUT, the company and the production crew is unknown. The audition took time for 1 year, and when the filming is finished, they didn’t even sure if CQL could be broadcasted or not.
      Oh, and FYI again, WYB lost lots of his fans when he was casted as LWJ (where he was the last announced among other character) but he still persistent in taking the role. God knows why. Everyone in CQL crew were not sure about CQL’s future, and they definitely didn’t expect it to be viral until this extent.
      Don’t spread hates toward this amazing actor and performers if you didn’t have any proof.

  5. Please, can you leave our baby alone. Everything they trying to pull to damage his reputation doesn’t work with us. Try to find someone else. Leave alone Yibo and Ziao too.

    1. Bro Wang Yibo is really good nd hardworking nd respectable person with a genuine heart. These netizens have been over reacting for nothing. We all from all over the world support Bro Wang Yibo nd Bro Xiao Zhan. Stop creating problems to these people. They r professional. They r friendly with everyone. Maintain good relations with every person in the set nd thts imp too. I really appreciate the cast nd entire crew of legend of fei for supporting bro Wang Yibo. I really respect feel proud the way u support nd helped bro yibo to get out through all these rumours. Thnk you crew of legend of fei we are looking forward with much love. God bless u nd the whole team.

  6. People are often jealous of an upcoming actor. The narrow minded people would only talk about yibo. He’s been such a good and cool actor and on top of that i don’t see him to be very proud actor. He’s a very talented man but yet he never show attitude. He’s talent only makes people jealous n talk bad things about yibo. Those people are all Nonesense people.

  7. Small minds, narrow-minded people will always kick up a fuss. It’s either out of jealousy or just plain stupidity “like a small child crying over silt milk”. Bo is good, awesomely good by all standards. So crew members and Bo, this is just one of those noisy gongs..all over again! So am looking forward to ‘Legend of Fei’

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