Thai Actor, Push, was Mistaken for Wang Yibo

Thai Actor, Push, was Mistaken for Wang Yibo

In very bizarre news, Thai actor, Push, trended at #1 on Weibo today with over 3 million mentions because of the topic “Push mistaken for Wang Yibo.” Push, who is popular in China, was in Nanjing for his fan meeting these past few days. He made a post on Weibo with the following message written in Thai and Chinese: “Thank you to everyone who looked for me to take pictures, but I am really not called Wang Yibo (王一博). I am Thai actor, Push. Being able to trend on Weibo’s Hot Search is such an incomparable honor. I feel very happy. Thank you everyone.”

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In the comments, he also replied to fans saying, “I am definitely happy. Wang Yibo is very handsome. He is very popular in Thailand. I heard he’ll be having a fan meeting in Bangkok. If there is a chance, I hope to meet this “didi” (younger brother).”

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Thai Actor, Push, was Mistaken for Wang Yibo

Who would mistake Push for Wang Yibo?!?! They need to invite Push as a special guest for “The Untamed” Thailand fan meeting!

Credit: Sina, Weibo (1, 2, 3), Push IG

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  1. Quem os confundiria? Yibo é lindo e tem um rosto de beleza inconfundível. Alguém quis pregar uma peça em Push kkkk Ou Push está pregando uma peça nas pessoas….

  2. I don’t know how they mistake with Wang YiBo? Both are complete different from each other.

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