Push and Aom Starring in Thai Remake of Chinese Series, “Boss & Me”

Push and Aom Starring in Thai Remake of Chinese Series, "Boss & Me"

The 2014 Chinese series, “Boss & Me” (杉杉來了), which starred Hans Zhang (張翰) and Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎), is being remade by Thailand. The Thai remake stars Push (Puttichai Kasetsin) and Aom as the male and female leads respectively. The first day of filming began on April 9th.

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The original drama, adapted from a Chinese novel, is about a young CEO looking for a blood donor to heal his ailing sister, who has a rare blood type. The CEO and the blood donor eventually fall in love, but will have second female and male leads come between them before they get their happy ending.

Thai male lead, Push, is popular in China and has the nickname of “dimple god.” Female lead, Aom, is known for acting in the Thai remakes of “Full House” and “It Started with a Kiss.” However, when netizens saw pictures of Aom at the blessing ceremony, there were some comments about her looking old and not being suitable to play the female lead in “Boss & Me.” There were also some positive comments supporting Aom saying, the series has just started filming and urged people not to knock it down so quickly.

Credit: ETtoday.net, Push IG, Weibo