Staff Member Denies Hans Zhang and Janine Chang Marriage Rumors

Staff Member Denies Hans Zhang and Janine Chang Marriage Rumors

Someone is gunning hard for Chinese actor, Hans Zhang (张翰) and Taiwanese actress, Janine Chang (張鈞甯) to become a real couple. Netizens were just recovering from Shen Yue’s dating rumors earlier today, which were immediately denied by her company. Today, a marketing account decided to start a rumor stating Hans Zhang and Janine Chang were already married. The two are good friends after starring in three series together. They became a fan favorite couple after starring in the series “Here to Heart” (温暖的弦) in 2018. Due to some of the intimate scenes and and the two actors giving fan service during the promotions, it’s hard not to ship them as a real CP.

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This marketing account claims Hans Zhang and Janine Chang were currently at the civil office getting their marriage license and would be officially announcing it in October. This person also provided supposed “evidence” with pictures from the May 2018 rumors, allegedly showing Hans Zhang and Janine Chang sitting together on a flight to South Korea. The rumors back in May stated the two even lived in the same hotel in Seoul. Even though the pictures didn’t show both of their faces clearly and couldn’t prove that it was the both of them, the rumors still trended at the top on Weibo at the time.

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Once the rumors started going viral, Hans Zhang’s official fan club immediately stepped up to refute the rumors. Hans Zhang’s staff member also left a comment saying, “Isn’t this our “Xiao Mei”? These marketing accounts are so lazy.”, indirectly refuting the woman in the pictures is Janine Chang. Both parties haven’t directly responded to the rumors yet.

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